Mobile Offices by Industry

Mobile Office Trailers For Every Industry

From construction trailers to disaster recovery modular buildings we have a mobile office solution that’s right for you. Fully equipped with electric and water hook-ups, fax / internet, ramps, and beyond, you’ll always get a great price on mobile office trailers for any industry requirements.

Office trailers are used across industries all over the world. They are mostly needed when you are building commercial projects, expanding, or for temporary office/sales space. Office Trailer Sales aims to provide you with – a nonstop business operation despite the changes in the office needs, as we locate the right office trailer supplier for you. We already have helped a wide range of businesses and organizations from various industries, and we’re sure to have the right solution for your unique needs.

CONSTRUCTION Office Trailer Solutions
Disaster-Recovery Trailer and Modular Building Solutions
EDUCATION - Portable trailers and Modular Building Solutions
HEALTHCARE - Office Trailer and Modular Building Solutions
GOVERNMENT Office Trailer Solutions
RETAIL - Modular Building Solutions

Construction: Don’t let the lack of office space in the middle of your construction site delay you from starting your project. It doesn’t matter whether you need a small trailer or a large modular complex – we will find it for you.

Education: School buildings made out of trailers can be built around 50% faster than your traditional school buildings. They can be placed anywhere in the school grounds. Constructing them can be done outside of school, minimizing any distraction.

Medical/Health Care: Accommodate more patients by renting or medical office trailers or buying modular buildings for healthcare purposes. These buildings can be used as dialysis clinics, diagnostic imaging centers, outpatient clinics, medical office buildings, acute care facilities, and more.

Government: Modular buildings from our suppliers can be manufactured to comply with the environmental requirements and other unique needs imposed by the US government.  For those who need trailers and modular buildings for the Army, we can tap the ideal suppliers who can meet the Army’s protection codes when it comes to the materials used to form their structures.

Retail: Modular buildings can be built according to your brand image, guaranteed to be of top quality and durability, and one that ensures high ROI for you.

Disaster Recovery: Modular buildings and office trailers are especially needed during disaster recovery efforts. They can be used as mobile storage for emergency equipment and materials; classroom for students from damaged schools; specialized space for mobile response units, security offices, restrooms, and others; medical clinics; command centers for a more organized coordination between rescue units; field offices or site offices; and, engineers’ offices.

Religious/Churches: Modular buildings and trailers are often used by churches and religious sects as fellowship halls, worship service venues, religious learning classrooms, or meeting rooms.

If you need office trailers, mobile offices, or modular buildings, just complete the brief online form with the specifications of your temporary mobile space. Leave it up to us to find the right office trailer supplier for you.