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Buying a used office trailer can come with perks. This guide will break down what to look out for and the benefits of buying used office trailers.

What do you do if you need a portable office? Some companies, like construction companies, don’t always work at the same location. But having your job site in one place and your office in another is unwieldy and you waste time and money traveling between the two.

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If you run one of the more than 250 million construction job sites in the U.S., you already know how frustrating it is to have your office staff headquartered off-site.

Ever thought about buying an office trailer? Set up your office in a portable trailer and all you have to do is haul it around and drop it at your new job site.

Types of Mobile Offices

There are several different types of office trailers. The type you choose is largely dependent on what you will use it for.

For example, if you plan to use your trailer as a construction site office you’ll want some built-in cabinets, lighting, and standard office features. These office trailers save a lot of time and money by giving your construction management team a place to do paperwork without having to leave the job site.

Heavy-duty modular units with an aluminum framework, industrial-grade doors, and a scratch-resistant poly coating are great for industrial applications. When you need to move it, simply pick up the sections with a forklift and put your modular unit where you want it.

Educational institutions, churches, and the like use basic models for additional classroom or office space. It’s a cost-effective way to expand available space, particularly when you may not need permanent facilities.

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Healthcare organizations make use of pre-owned mobile offices as a cost-effective way to take healthcare to the masses. They can be used for:

  • Mobile clinics
  • Dialysis centers
  • Rehab centers
  • Physical therapy offices
  • Laboratories

Finally, the government uses heavy-duty, yet maneuverable types for disaster relief. They may be modified with features such as blast-proof doors and other strengthening aspects to keep personnel as safe as possible during an emergency. Their mobility gives emergency teams the means to respond quickly with all the equipment they need to address an emergency.

12' x 56' Office Trailer

Used Mobile Office Sizes

In general, when choosing the size of used construction trailers to buy, factor in about 100 square feet for each person who will be using the office.

Used portable office trailers range in size from compact 8’x16′ units perfect for one person all the way up to 24′ x 64′ units that make great conference rooms.

Single-wide used office trailers, so-called because they can be transported in one piece, range in size from 8′ to 14′ wide. Anything over 10′ wide requires a special permit to transport. Length can go from 16′ to 64′.

Double-wide trailers must be transported in two pieces as the trailers are too wide to fit on the road. Triple-wide trailers are also available, offering even more variety in floor plans and customizable options.

Wider office trailers offer a lot more flexibility when it comes to setting up your trailer for use. However, they are less maneuverable. They have to be put together and taken apart every time you want to move them. This adds both time and money to transport and set up.

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Features of pre-owned mobile office trailers vary widely depending on what they were used for. You can also add your own if you can’t find a used trailer that 100% meets your specific needs. Just be sure that the trailer will be able to handle the modification that you have in mind.

Used office trailers typically have electricity, Internet hookups, and HVAC capabilities. Use construction office trailers also tend to have restrooms or at least water hookups. This allows construction sites to more easily comply with sanitation regulations for their employees.

12' x 56' job-site construction offices

Who will be using your trailer? Most people can probably handle the stairs to enter the trailer. However, ramps instead of stairs can be a useful feature.

For example, a mobile clinic may be seeing pregnant women or elderly patients on a regular basis who would appreciate easier access. Ramps are also useful on a construction site if you need to haul heavy equipment in and out as you can use a dolly with wheels instead.

Some trailers have awnings to provide shade outside the mobile office trailer. This provides shelter from the sun and rain and is handy if you’ll have people waiting outside, such as at a mobile clinic.

Used Office Trailer Cost

As you might guess, the cost of used portable office trailers varies widely. The size and features you choose will have a huge impact on the price, as well as the condition of the trailer.

The base price for a new single-wide mobile office trailer starts at around $22,000. Buying used can significantly lower that to about $12,000. If you don’t need the trailer long-term, renting can be a better option and prices start at around $2,000.

8' x 20 construction trailers

Larger trailers start at around $35,000 for a new one or $23,000 for a used one. Again, renting is an option but prices are significantly higher at around $5,000.

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The Best Used Office Trailers for You

Are you sold on the idea of buying used office trailers for your business? They certainly are a cost-effective means of providing the office space you need for your operation and the other perks are undeniable.

Where do you find these types of trailers? Hit us up here at Office Trailer Sales!

Whether you’re looking for used construction offices or something you can use as a portable clinic, we’ve got an option for you! Choose to rent or buy and enjoy significant savings over purchasing a new mobile office trailer.

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