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Rent used office trailers on demand with low monthly rates, fast delivery to site, and shop from the nations most flexible dealers offering great financing options.

OTS will find the most affordable and most durable office trailers for rent or for lease. These trailers will give you the extra space that you need for meeting with your team, overseeing projects, and evaluating building plans. Instantly connect with trustworthy office trailer suppliers delivering reliable solutions ranging from 8’ x 20’ to 14’ x 64’ which can all usually be delivered within 1-2 business days.

Renting Used Office Trailers – The Benefits

Our clients usually rent office trailers when they are remodeling an office, managing temporary construction job sites, or just trying to save space for a big project. Some also lease portable trailers during industrial plant shutdowns. These trailers provide you a secure place to stay, even if you are establishing your office outside of a traditional office space. Our temporary mobile office suppliers have catered to a wide number of customers who need them for disaster relief, government projects, retail inventory, special events, construction sites, religious organizations and schools.

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8’ x 20’ Office Trailers

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10’ x 44’ Office Trailers

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24’ x 56’ Office Trailers

One great benefit from renting a pre-owned office trailer is the privacy that it offers. From meetings, to reading and signing important paperwork, or just making business calls, you can do everything in an enclosed, climate controlled work area.

Renting a used office trailer keeps your property safe, your business transactions private, and gives your business the security and privacy that you deserve.

Simply complete a small questioner describing the office trailer that meets your needs and in most cases you’ll same day quotes from 2-4 local dealers.



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