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7 Uses Portable Buildings are Perfect For

It was a “once in a thousand years” event. Between 8-10 inches of rain fell in under 8 hours.

Thousands of people were trapped in a shopping center. Over a dozen people died.

In June 2016, several counties in West Virginia were completely devasted by flooding. In the span of 24 hours, life radically changed for thousands of families.

How did the government respond? How do you clean up after such a mess?

Portable buildings.

In the face of a terrible natural disaster or other unexpected events (good or bad), it’s vital to be able to respond quickly.

In Nicholas and Kanawha counties of West Virginia, the most practical solution included portable buildings.

Why were portables such a viable solution in this situation?

What other types of uses can they be used for?

This article will highlight seven uses that portables are perfect for.

But before we begin, know this: The only limit to using portable buildings is your creativity.

1. Portable Buildings Disaster Relief & Recovery

As demonstrated in West Virginia, portable buildings are a perfect fit for disaster relief and recovery situation.

When disaster strikes response teams must be able to quickly establish their headquarters to coordinate rescue efforts.

It’s never possible to know what sort of shape existing buildings might be in.

Portable buildings give response teams the ability to decide where the ideal place is for their headquarters, what they should look like and how they should operate.

Moving on from the disaster, communities are faced with many needs. With so many needs, long-term temporary solutions are often the best option.

This is exactly what they discovered in West Virginia.

Schools reopened several months after the floods and classes began meeting in conference centers. This caused many issues for the students and staff, and they turned to temporary modular buildings for a longer-term solution.

2. Educational Institutions

Chances are you’ve seen portable buildings being used for additional classrooms at a school in your neighborhood.

It’s fairly common for schools in growing neighborhoods to put modular classrooms to use.

School expansion projects can be expensive and with budgets being tight in school districts across the country, modular buildings provide a cost effective and flexible solution.

While finding is occurred and the red tape of bureaucracy is being negotiated, teachers can continue doing what they do best.

It’s also common to see portables being used to provide additional space for summer camps, day care and during remodeling projects of permanent classrooms.

3. Portable Buildings Construction Projects

The construction market is incredibly competitive.

With projects often going to the lowest bidder, it’s always important for construction firms to find ways to cut costs without affecting building quality or employee safety.

Gone are the days where portable buildings mean cramped spaces, porta-potties and filthy environments.

Today’s modular buildings can include:

  • Comfortable bathrooms
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Any electronics needed
  • Showers
  • Decontamination units
  • …and more!

Portable buildings also allow project managers to be present on site for the customer’s benefit, without having to worry about efficiency being affected.

One last concern with any construction project is security and safety of supplies.

With so many expensive tools being needed for building today, unsecured construction sites are easy picking for thieves.

Modular buildings allow companies to install guard shacks and other security measures just like they would for their permanent offices.

4. Government Uses

If there’s one thing the government is known for, it’s paperwork.

Mountains and mountains of paperwork. Paperwork about paperwork.

Portable buildings allow easy and convenient storage for all the paperwork Uncle Sam could ever wish for.

(…and for other important things that need storing as well).

5. Military Portable Buildings

The military is always on the move.

In any campaign, ideally, the front line is constantly moving forward as the enemy is pushed back.

As troops move it’s important to move essential support functions with them to ensure the mission is accomplished.

What’s the solution? Portable buildings.

The customization possible with portable building allows them to serve many different purposes for our troops.

They can easily be used to store supplies – the food and gear that is needed to win the war. Portable warehouses that move with the troops.

They can be used as offices for the planning and logistical functions of the military.

They can also customize to serve as temporary barracks, ensuring that the troops get the rest they need.

6. Movie Production

Ever seen a Hollywood movie being filmed?

While a lot of filming may actually happen in movie studios in and around Hollywood, certain movies demand going “on location.”

King Kong (filmed in New Zealand) just wouldn’t have looked the same set against a green screen.

Film crews can include thousands of people and literally hundreds of tons of gear. When going on location, all of those people need to be housed and all of that gear needs to be stored.


Portable buildings.

7. Portable Buildings For Healthcare

By 2030 more than 1 in 5 Americans will be over 65 years old.

As the population ages, so does the demand for healthcare.

To ensure quality care for the people you love a flexible solution is necessary. Modular buildings provide the perfect solution.

Local hospitals can easily use modular buildings to expand their facilities and increase their ability to serve their patients.

This is often a good solution for outpatient services like dialysis, where patients frequently have to return to the hospital multiple times per week to ensure their good health.


At the beginning of this article, the claim was made that, “The only limit to using portable buildings is your creativity.”

It’s clearly true.

As the above list has shown, portables offer users a tremendous level of customization and flexibility that is simply impossible with permanent buildings.

As our society continues to grow and develop, portables will continue to offer a reliable means of quickly solving problems and addressing urgent needs.

Whether you are looking to rent or buy, this flexibility guarantees that portable buildings can be a good solution for you.

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