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Portable construction office trailers with immediate delivery, fast set-up, and priced right to solve all of your temporary construction office space needs.

We have established an impeccable network of manufacturers who specialize in making construction offices and job-site trailers for various industries, including those involved in the line of commercial construction.

General Specifications


Many office trailers used for construction have a size ranging from 8’ x 16’ to 12’ x 56.’ To ensure the comfort of your employees, they already come equipped with heat and air conditioning systems, exterior and interiors finishes, toilets, lockers, and some even have showers. If you need multi-unit complexes, you should specify it in the form too.

Whether you plan to lease or to buy an office trailer for your construction site, we’ll simplify the entire process. There are short-term and long-term leases available for you.

8' x 20 construction trailersREQUEST QUOTE

8’ x 20’ Office Trailers

10' x 44' construction trailersREQUEST QUOTE

10’ x 44’ Office Trailers

12' x 56' job-site construction officesREQUEST QUOTE

12’ x 56’ Office Trailers

24' x 56' office trailer for constructionREQUEST QUOTE

24’ x 56’ Office Trailers

If your team expands or reduces in size with every meeting, there are also office trailers with interior walls that can be easily removed and installed, as needed. These are the types of trailers that can accommodate the team members or employees no matter how large the group gets.

Usual Office Trailer Applications

Construction sites usually need office trailers or mobile offices for various purposes. They often use these spaces as construction site offices, locker rooms, industrial offices, sales centers, decontamination buildings, showers or restrooms, and mail handling facilities, among others.

How Office Trailer Sales Can Help Commercial Construction

As a link between you, the customer, and the supplier of office trailers, we know how important it is for you to find the right job-site trailer for your needs. It should be cost-effective, delivered on time, secure, and meet every one of your needs. Fortunately, we know office trailers and you’ll discover for yourself that the suppliers we work with will provide you with office trailers that meet these specifications, and beyond.

Simply complete the form and we’ll find the right office trailer suppliers in your area.