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Mobile Offices & Modular Building Solutions in Jacksonville

  • 8’ x 20’: Approx. 200 sq. feet
  • 8’ x 28’: Approx. 350 sq. feet
  • 8’ x 32’: Approx. 400 sq. feet
  • 10’ x 36’: Approx. 450 sq. feet
  • 10’ x 44’: Approx. 500 sq. feet
  • 12’ x 44′: Approx. 700 sq. feet
  • 12’ x 56’: Approx. 800 sq. feet
  • 12’ x 64’: Approx. 1,000+ sq. feet
  • 24’ x 56’: Approx. 1,400 sq. feet

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Did you know that Jacksonville is the biggest and most populous city in the state of Florida? With this many people, 903,889 to be exact, there is a lot of construction happening around the city. When there’s construction, there also needs to be construction trailers to work in.

If you’re looking for used construction trailers for your job site in Jacksonville, FL, keep reading to explore uses, sizes, prices and more! In the following article, we break down everything you need to know about used construction office trailers in Florida.

Construction TrailersUses for Construction Trailers

Mobile construction trailers have many uses on construction sites. So what are they? Construction trailers provide temporary office solutions for you or your business.

These mobile trailers can be used to expand office space on-site at a construction job, provide extra amenities to a construction site, training areas, and or to create offices for construction workers, project foremen, and engineers.

Sizes of Mobile Office Trailers

Mobile office trailers come in a variety of sizes to fit your construction needs in Jacksonville, Florida. There are a few sizes that are common for office trailers. The regular sizes for construction trailers are 10 feet by 20 feet, 10 feet by 40 feet, and 12 feet by 40 feet.

If the standard sizes do not fit your construction trailer needs, there are custom sizes available. When selecting a mobile office trailer size consider the available area to place the trailer on and the number of people you’d like to house in the trailer. If you have limited space on-site consider the 10 feet by 20 feet trailer, but if you have the room and would like to host large meetings and fit many desks go for the 12 feet by 40 feet trailer.

Using Office Trailers As Mobile LibrariesPrices of Construction Job Trailers

The construction industry in the United States of America has expenditures reaching over $1,293 billion dollars. Although this number is large, we know you likely have a budget to stick to. At Office Trailer Sales we have several mobile trailers to fits your budget needs.

First, you can opt to rent or buy a used construction job trailer. Depending on your budget renting may be better than buying or vice-versa.

When you rent you avoid a large cost upfront and there is no long term commitment. Buying is good for longterm projects or moving from site to site. Remember to layout the expected underlying costs of both renting and buying a construction trailer before making your final decision.

Buy or Rent Used Construction Office Trailers

Now that you know about the uses, sizes, prices and more of used construction trailers in Jacksonville, Florida, it is time to consider renting or buying one. At Office Trailer Sales we offer solutions to your office space problems. We provide mobile office trailers to rent or buy, nationwide service, and 2-6 quotes from local suppliers in Jacksonville, Florida or wherever you are located.

Contact us today to find the right construction trailers for you and your business and get a quote.

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