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8’ x 20’ Office Trailers

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10’ x 44’ Office Trailers

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24’ x 56’ Office Trailers

Delivery is available all Throughout South Carolina: Charleston, SC; Columbia, SC; North Charleston, SC; Mount Pleasant, SC

Recent Mobile Offices & Modular Building Solutions Sold in South Carolina

10′ x 20′ Used Sales Office Trailer $3,570
14′ x 60′ Trailer For Retail Office $9,940
14′ x 56′ Mobile Office Trailer For Medical $8,875

For deliveries outside of these areas please request a free quote here.

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Buy or Rent Used Office Trailer in South Carolina

Temporary office trailers for retail sales centersWhen choosing between buying and renting; you need to think about your intended purpose of the trailer. If your need is more temporary, then renting may be the smarter choice.

If your use is prolonged or you have multiple applications for the trailer, then buying may be the better option.


Buying a trailer will give you an asset that you can move around from one need to the next. This gives you complete freedom in how you use your trailer.

Once you purchase the trailer, there is no monthly cost. All you need to pay for is maintenance and operating costs. You’ll find your portable office is more energy-efficient than your typical office location.

Portable trailers are readily available. This makes purchasing fast and easy.

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Renting is an attractive choice for those who don’t have the budget to make a large purchase. This option doesn’t require a large up-front down payment.

There are no long-term commitments. This is helpful if you aren’t sure of how long you’ll need the trailer. You can also renew your rental agreement easily if you find you need it longer than you initially thought.

Sizes Available for Rent or Purchase

There’s a wide range of sizes available, and the one you choose will depend on your need and available space. The larger the trailer you choose to rent or buy, the more expensive you can it to be. Here are some common sizes you’ll find.

  • 8’ x 20’ Office Trailers
  • 10’ x 44’ Office Trailers
  • 12’ x 56’ Office Trailers
  • 24’ x 56’ Office Trailers

While these are the most common sizes, they’re by no means the only sizes available. If you’re looking for a specific size, a broker can help you locate the supplier with the perfect trailer.

Get a quote for a used construction trailer today and have a portable and affordable office solution.

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South Carolina is located in the Southeastern region of the United States. It has many venues for visual and performing arts, as well as food festivals such as Spoleto Festival USA held every year in Charleston. South Carolinians produce chemicals, paper products, and automobiles while also cultivating tobacco crops including cotton-producing fields that make their way into textile goods like clothing or furniture materials; soybeans are sometimes bred with other plants to create dairy substitutes; rice grown locally provides some relief during droughts when it’s not being used to feed cattle instead!

South Carolina boasts lush scenery from rolling hillsides through which rivers cut natural paths all over every inch of its territory–including sprawling marshlands where wildlife still thrives!

Mobile office trailers are a popular solution for temporary space. There’s no better option when you need to provide an efficient, cost-effective area for your project on the go. Construction offices come in many different sizes and styles so there will be one that suits your needs perfectly!

Mobile office trailers are an excellent way to save money and time while getting the job done. Beyond that, you’ll have access to a plethora of features like ramps, water tanks, electricity hookups, and more! Office trailer rentals are available for as little as one week up through several years. If you want something permanent or just need some temporary space in your work location due to construction on-site? Then office trailers might be right for you too; they can serve many purposes from sales offices or training rooms all the way over into ground-level offices if needed! Contact us today so we can help find what is best for your situation whether it’s renting out a unit short-term -or- buying.