Mobile Office Trailers Rent or Buy Which is Better in 2019

Mobile Office TrailersRenting and buying space for temporary business is trending in 2019. Find out which purchasing option for a mobile trailer office carries the most advantages.

Do you need extra office space for your classroom or business? Are you a school administrator who is looking for a space for an event?

A mobile trailer office makes a great solution for a space to work in. It’s a new trend that schools and businesses that need extra office space have been taking advantage of.

And they help businesses avoid paying for costly facility rentals and building purchases. This new trend in 2019 enables businesses to save money and reduce their overhead.

Your company or institution won’t have to pay exorbitant money to rent a building or to buy a commercial space.

When it comes to a mobile trailer office you have two options: to rent or to buy. In this post, we’ll discuss the differences between buying and renting office trailers and the needs associated with these differences.

You’ll learn about the benefits of renting and buying and their disadvantages. This should help you decide which option is right for your budget and your business needs.

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small-modular-office-trailerTo Rent or Buy A Mobile Office Trailer: Which is Right for You?

Here are some facts about helping you make the best decision for your company.

Buying a Mobile Office Trailer

Do you have a long-term need for a mobile office? Is it important for you to design the interior to meet your business’s specifications? Do you anticipate needing the office trailer for over a year, or maybe two?

Then buying a trailer provides a good choice, especially when you want to design special features such as shelving or other elements to suit your organization’s needs.

You can paint the office trailer in your preferred color scheme to match your company logo or your design preferences. Need special lighting? Not a problem installing it.

When you buy, you’ll be able to choose the lighting and fixtures without needing permission from the company you rent it from.

You’ll also be able to take your furniture with you from your current location and move it with you when you go.

If you buy new, you’ll receive a warranty that lasts between one and three years. Another advantage: you can resell the trailer when you don’t require it any longer. Or the IRS will let you write off some of your purchase.

This way you won’t be throwing money away on rent. You can see a return in the future.

What Are the Disadvantages of Buying a Mobile Office Trailer?

It’s no secret that purchasing a mobile office trailer is more expensive than renting. Typically, it will cost more.

One of the downsides: you be responsible for set up, the moving and storing or relocation of the trailer or of disposing of it when you don’t need it any longer.

If you have to sell the office trailer sooner than you expected, you’ll have to make those arrangements and manage the transition.


Should You Rent a Mobile Office Trailer?

Do you require an office trailer for less than a year? Then renting might be a good option. Maybe you’re undecided about your business venture and you’re testing it out.

Or you’d rather not fork over the money it would cost to purchase new. If you prefer to try it before you buy it, renting a mobile office trailer is the smarter way to go.

What Are the Benefits of Renting a Mobile Trailer Office?

When you rent office space, you’re not responsible for maintaining the property. You’re also not required to pay for maintenance and repairs.

You won’t need to stress about the cost of relocating to another location. Avoiding a costly investment will help you keep more money for your business to invest elsewhere.

Double Wide Mobile Office trailerWhat Are the Disadvantages of Renting A Mobile Office?

When you rent, you won’t be able to customize your mobile office trailer in the same manner you could if you owned one such as putting up fixtures or shelving.

You may have to use the furniture that the owner rents the unit with. But this depends on the flexibility of the landlord.

To Rent or Buy: How to Make the Choice

When deciding to buy or rent, it’s essential to know how you will need to use the space–as well as the term you will need it for. Answering should help give you a better idea in your decision making.

How Long Do You Need a Mobile Office?

Will your stay be short term or long term. If you’re staying for a short period of time a standard rental lease might be your best bet. If you’re staying for more than a year, purchasing the mobile trailer office might suit you better.

What Is Your Financial Condition?

You will need to research the costs of making a purchase. If your finances do not support the price of buying a trailer, then a rental lease might enable you to save more money. This way you won’t have to purchase a commercial space.

Do You Expect to Need to Use the Facility in the Future?

Do you anticipate requiring the unit in the near future or even in a couple of years? Will you need a mobile office at another location at one of your other office locations?

Will You Have to Store the Items When You’re Finished Using the Unit?

When you’re going with a rental lease, you may need to store items until you find a permanent location when your lease expires.

Costs for removal, moving and storage can add up. To avoid these costs, buying a mobile office can solve the problem, saving you both time and money.

The Takeaway on Renting or Buying a Mobile Trailer Office

Now you know some of the factors involved in helping you decide if buying or renting a mobile trailer office in 2019 is right for you and your business.

By examining some of the criteria indicated in this post, you should be able to make the best choice.

Want to speak to someone about mobile office trailers? Our experts can help. Or if you’re ready to get started, contact us for a quote today.

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