How Much Do 8 x 20 Office Trailers Cost in 2019?

Modular Office For Commercial And RetailLooking for a 8 x 20 office trailer? And wondering how much they cost? Check out our buyer’s guide and learn the cost of 8 x 20 office trailers and how to get the lowest price.

Did you know that most of the businesses in the United States are small businesses?

After all, there are about 30.2 million of them in the country. Out of these, they employ about 58.9 million people, making them the backbone of the U.S. economy.

With such a tight competition, you might not find a permanent location to run your business. Fortunately, you can work around this by getting office trailers.

Yes, trailers might be a better solution than you’d expect. They have a lot of benefits, especially if you want to deploy them without any delays. It’s an office you can bring to any locality without the hassle of difficult removal when no longer needed.

But how much do 8 x 20 office trailers cost? How much do you need to get started?

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Lease or Buy: Which is Better for Office Trailers?

The best thing about the mobile office trailer is that you have options—either lease or buy. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, but each can cater to your budget. Here are some of the things you should consider:

Office Trailer PricesCost of Leasing Office Trailers

You can lease some office trailers for as little as $300 – $550/month. A lot of businesses choose to lease their mobile office rather than buying it. The most common reason is the fact that it’s a more affordable option. Also, a lot of business owners aren’t keen on owning their own mobile office.

But what are the benefits of choosing mobile office trailers? Here are some:

1. Flexibility

As soon as you’re done using the office, you can call your provider to get it removed. It’s great since you won’t have to organize and schedule it on your own. This benefit means you won’t have to waste precious in-house manpower to complete the office’s removal.

2. Quality

You’re not sure what you’ll get when you’re buying mobile offices. It’s especially the case if you’re getting used ones. But when you lease from local providers, you have the means of researching their track record.

That way, you can read on the customer reviews. This determines the type of quality their trailers have before you sign a contract. It’s a good way to ensure that you don’t get any subpar offices that can’t handle your work requirements.

3. Liability and Maintenance

A lot of suppliers have liability packages. That means if any theft or vandalism occurs, they’ll help you recover some of the costs. Also, their leasing packages offer maintenance and repairs, so if your HVAC system gets damaged, they will fix it for you.

Cost of Buying Office Trailers

Average Cost of Mobile OfficeIf you choose to buy the mobile office, you can expect it to range from $16,000-$31,000. It will all depend on its size as well as the amenities that come with it. There are some scenarios that make buying trailers an ideal option, such as:

1. Usage for More than 3 Years

The cost of leasing a mobile office will often breakeven with the purchase cost after this time period. It’s especially great if your suppliers offer a lease-to-buy option. Make sure to make some inquiries before you commit to your purchases.

2. High Customization for Specific Office Needs

Do you need your office to have a lot of custom amenities? If so, it will make more sense if you buy your mobile office. This situation is more ideal if your supplier starts charging a lot whenever you add a new feature.

There are some mobile office suppliers out there that will help you build one that suits your specific designs. But it’s important to remember that not all can meet these requirements. In this case, you might end up buying a trailer then hire a contractor to build what you want from there.

Office Trailers for Sale: How can Price Vary?

When it comes to businesses, you need to make sure that each investment counts. After all, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs lose their business within the first year and a half. That’s why it’s best if you wait until you can get the best deal out of your purchases.

Here are some things that can make the mobile office price vary:

1. Location

Your mobile office trailer’s location will have a huge impact on its cost. As a general rule, you can expect higher prices on the West Coast as well as cities in the Northeast. The main reason is that there is higher demand, less space, and higher permitting costs.

The price will go up if your site is difficult to access. For example, if you’re located in a mountainous area with gravel roads, you can expect a higher delivery cost.

2. Seasonal Demand

The construction industry is the most common customer for mobile office trailers. In most cases, you can expect the price to go up during the summer and spring months. The main reason is that the construction businesses are in full swing during these seasons.

In those months, mobile office providers will have less on their inventories. That means you’ll have to get these trailers with a higher price tag. If you aren’t a construction business, you have better opportunities during the winter since prices are lower.

3. Delivery

The general determinant of delivery costs is the number of miles between their shipping location to the delivery site. The width of the trailer is also a minor factor. That’s why your costs will go higher if your site is farther and your trailer is bigger.

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There are a lot of factors that affect the price of a mobile office, regardless of whether you’re renting or buying.

If you aren’t sure how to start budgeting your money for office trailers, you can use this guide to make an informed decision. It gives a general idea of what to watch out for if you’re looking to save as much money as you can with this investment.

Do you need to have a specific price for your mobile office trailer? If so, you can go here and get accurate pricing by requesting a quote. It also includes a guide on how to choose the best trailer size for your business needs.

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