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Forecasters predict the $1,355,097 million construction industry is set for consistent growth of 8.8% this year. So, if you’re part of this steadily recovering industry, you can look forward to busy times ahead.

While more work is never unwelcome, it can get a little stressful unless you possess superb managerial and planning skills. Construction trailers, also known as office trailers, are one way to streamline your on-site operations.


Keep reading to discover more about renting portable 8’x 20′ job site trailers, how they can benefit you, and the costs involved.

What Is a Mobile Office?

A mobile office is a self-contained, portable, trailer-based solution for temporary office space. They’re very common on construction sites where they can fulfill several functions, like:

  • Site offices
  • Break rooms
  • Storage areas

They’re also useful as a temporary space for government, schools, or healthcare facilities.

It’s easy to transport these offices from place to place, as they’re either permanently fixed to a wheeled frame, or easily placed on one when necessary.

Why Rent Mobile Offices?

Portable offices offer a variety of solutions for many applications. Some of these benefits include:


When you hire an office trailer, you can get the space you need, without the expense and commitment of a permanent structure. This is ideal for construction companies that only work on projects for a few months or years.

You can also move your portable offices to a new location on your job site, as the workflow progresses and your surroundings change.

Cost Effectiveness

It’s much cheaper and faster to hire a portable office than it is to build a permanent structure on every job site. In industries where time is money, like construction, fast delivery is another benefit when it comes to job site trailers.

Some companies can deliver your portable office in a few days or weeks, depending on your location.

If you’re renting a trailer, you only need to commit to a lease agreement that matches your need for the trailer, there’s no expensive long-term commitment involved.


You can customize portable offices to suit various needs by adding offices, restrooms, entrances, and security measures as desired.

They’re available with key locks, card access points, passcode locks, security cameras, and temporary fencing, according to your security requirements.

You can choose portable offices in many sizes, but 8’x 20′ office trailers are the most popular.


Uses For 8′ x 20′ Office Trailers

With 160 sq. ft. of space, 8’x20’office trailers suit a huge range of applications. These are some common uses for these office trailers:

Construction Trailers

A secure, clean, orderly space is vital on construction sites. In this way, a mobile office suits the following tasks:

  • storing documents
  • meeting clients for progress reports
  • signing documents
  • filing required safety documentation
  • reviewing blueprints
  • staff meetings

As a contractor, you might not need to carry out these tasks regularly during some phases of your project, but flexible rental agreements mean you can have an office to hand only during the times you need it most.

Secure Government Offices

During times of emergency mobilization, the government needs to act fast. Quick, and easy trailer hire is the perfect solution when government officials need to set up a base during natural disasters, like floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

They also work well as temporary spaces for officials to continue serving the public when their permanent buildings undergo routine maintenance or refurbishments.

Medical Labs and Healthcare Offices

The recent pandemic taught us that healthcare facilities need to act fast in certain situations. At this time, portable buildings came to the rescue as temporary spaces to cater to staff and patient overflow.

Portable buildings allow medical facilities to expand rapidly and affordably when needed.

Portable Education Facilities

Temporary space is useful for schools and universities during times of refurbishment, displacement, or increased enrollment.

Thanks to the low cost of hiring a portable structure vs building a permanent one, school boards can stay within their budgets while fulfilling their educational role.

Remote Work Sites

Portable offices are ideal for people like archaeologists or researchers working in remote locations. In these instances, you can hire trailers suited to workspaces as well as temporary housing for those in the field.

Some rental companies can deliver office trailers anywhere in the world, regardless of how remote the location is.

Storage Trailers

Portable storage trailers work well as temporary archiving solutions for businesses. They’re ideal for people who are downsizing in a hurry and need storage space for excess furniture.

Waste Management

Landfills and waste management sites need daily monitoring and management. Yet, building codes and land issues can cause delays in constructing a permanent building on these sites.

A portable office is the ideal temporary solution to ensure efficient management during lengthy permitting and construction processes.


Costs to Consider When Renting an Office Trailer

It typically costs between $300 and $600 per month to lease an 8′ x 20′ office trailer. Yet some variables may impact the costs involved.

These include:


Your location may impact the delivery costs for your trailer, depending on how far your site is from the supplier’s depot. Supply and demand in your area will also affect the price.

Length of the Lease

In most cases, you’ll pay less per month if you rent a trailer for longer. If you choose to buy a trailer, you could pay between $15,000 and $45,000 upfront.

Delivery and Set Up Costs

Apart from your location, the current fuel price will impact the cost to rent a trailer. Office trailers require a powerful vehicle to deliver them to your site, and you can expect to pay as much as $20 or more per mile for fuel costs.

Installation costs to get your building on site and ready for work are from $750 to $1,500 depending on any complexities in your environment.

Utility Hook-Up Costs

Your local requirements dictate the cost to get your mobile office equipped with water and electricity. Inquire about these costs as well as any permits required when you request a quote for your mobile office.


You can request optional extras like steps, decks, ramps, security bars, and furniture when you hire a temporary office. These will impact your overall costs.

These items can cost anything between $75 and $500 per month, depending on how many of them you need.

You might need to meet specific OHSA and ADA requirements when implementing an office on your site, so make sure you know what’s expected before you hire a trailer.

Removal Costs

At the end of your rental agreement, you need to pay the supplier to dismantle, disconnect, and remove the trailer. Usually, these costs add up to about 90% of what you paid to have the mobile office set up.

Naturally, these prices will fluctuate depending on current market conditions. That’s why it’s important to request a detailed quote and compare prices before you commit.

The Supplier

Every trailer rental company offers different services and pricing options. When comparing quotes, it pays to remember that a more expensive supplier might offer convenient and cost-saving extras that make the higher price worthwhile.

These may include:

  • superior customer service
  • guarantees and warranties
  • maintenance and repair agreements

A reputable, and reliable supplier can save you a lot of time and ongoing expenses by helping you choose the best mobile office solution for your needs. The best mobile office rental companies arrive on time, deliver all services as discussed, and are always available when needed.

Should You Buy or Rent a Portable Office

The benefit of buying a portable office trailer is that you can customize it to your exact specifications and save on rental costs going forward.

Used trailers are cheaper, but may come with maintenance issues. They may also lack some customizations you need for your business.

Most construction companies only opt for this solution if they have enough work to guarantee they’ll use their trailer for at least seven years continuously.

When you’re assured of regular work, you can include the cost of financing a mobile office as a cost to your customer.

Most companies opt to rent trailers as they’re assured of getting good quality, well-maintained trailers, without the expense and responsibilities of ownership.

They can also ensure they cover their costs by budgeting for trailer rental costs depending on the scope of their next job.

Get the Best Prices on Mobile Office Trailers

With so many variables to consider, it can be a little overwhelming to find the best price for your ideal construction trailer. We make it easy to find the best deals on office trailers, regardless of your location.

Request a quote now and view the top options for renting or buying office trailers in your area.


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