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Delivery is available in These Arizona Cities and Beyond: Phoenix, AZ; Tucson, AZ; Mesa, AZ; Chandler, AZ; Glendale, AZ; Scottsdale, AZ; Gilbert, AZ; Tempe, AZ; Peoria, AZ; Surprise, AZ; Yuma, AZ; Avondale, AZ; Flagstaff, AZ

Recent Mobile Offices & Modular Building Solutions Sold in Arizona

10′ x 20′ Used Sales Office Trailer $3,573
14′ x 60′ Trailer For Retail Office $8,932
14′ x 56′ Mobile Office Trailer For Medical $10,684

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Available Sizes for Construction Trailers

Before you can start pricing available portable trailers, you need to figure out what size of trailer you need. Think about how you intend to use the trailer and how much space you have available. Below are the available sizes:

  • 8’ x 20’: Approx. 200 sq. feet
  • 8’ x 28’: Approx. 350 sq. feet
  • 8’ x 32’: Approx. 400 sq. feet
  • 10’ x 36’: Approx. 450 sq. feet
  • 10’ x 44’: Approx. 500 sq. feet
  • 12’ x 44′: Approx. 700 sq. feet
  • 12’ x 56’: Approx. 800 sq. feet
  • 12’ x 64’: Approx. 1,000+ sq. feet
  • 24’ x 56’: Approx. 1,400 sq. feet

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Are you a builder in the market for used construction trailers in Arizona? If not yet, there’s a pretty good chance you will be as the multibillion-dollar market continues to expand.

In the following article, we’ll be discussing the factors to consider as you make your choice. We’ll also be sharing some tips for how to get the most out of the experience from the comfort, budgetary, and timing points of view. Let’s start building.

Used Construction Trailers

1. Figure Out How Much Space You Will Need

Before trying to answer the question of how much does a trailer cost, realize they come in different shapes and sizes. How much yours will end up costing you should depend on the amount of space you will need while working to bring your project to a conclusion.

Smaller jobs don’t require as many workers or as long a time on the job. As a result, you could choose something smaller and save money without really losing out.

2. Determine the Timetable

There will always be unforeseen circumstances that arise as you take on a new project. Plan for them as best as you can before agreeing to any kind of an extended contract, which is common when renting a portable office rental or construction trailer.

3. Plan for Inclement Weather

As part of your planning, keep the weather in mind. This may not be a big consideration if you’re working in the spring and fall. But as colder and warmer temperatures come along, it can create some turbulent storm activities that keep your crew off the job for an extended period of time.

Where a construction trailer comes in handy here is it gives you flexibility and access to the job site. This allows you to get more done ahead of weather issues and shepherd the overall project along even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

4. Decide Whether to Rent or Buy

Buying a job site trailer may be a beneficial investment if you do a lot of large commercial jobs. However, it could be less useful if you take shorter jobs in smaller spaces. Think strip mall, for example.

A rental will save you some serious coin upfront with prices of anywhere from $150-$500 per month. Dealers also may require a two- or three-month commitment before they’ll deal with you.

As a result, you could end up paying for an extra month or two that you don’t really need. Purchasing one for thousands of dollars might be hard at first. Companies that do several mid- to large-scale jobs per year might see the value in buying.

5. Meet the Permitting Requirements

The city building department where you operate will have its own permitting requirements. Those requirements will allow different types of activities depending on what the properties are zoned for.

You’ll need to obtain the proper permits before starting to build. You’ll also want to see how those permitting costs affect the budget’s bottom line.

Many cities hold construction companies to green standards. So make sure you’re equipped for that as well.

6. Incorporate Into the Rest of Your Budget for the Project

The purchase or rental price on construction or modular office trailers should be calculated into your budget plan for the overall project. On a shorter job that can be the difference between losing money, making it, or breaking even.

7. Stay on Track

Accessing a construction trailer gives you the ability to stay on track by allowing you to work faster. But you also need to make sure you’re staying on track to avoid incurring extra costs as a result of the jobs that go on past their scheduled deadline.

Time is money. And when you’re working out of a construction trailer, longer-than-expected stays can add up in a hurry.

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Ready to buy or rent construction trailers in Arizona? Then, make sure you’ve done your homework by moving through the seven steps listed above. And contact Office Trailer Sales today to take the next step.

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