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Calculate The Cost of Mobile Offices in 2022

Mobile offices continue to be an affordable temporary space solution for all industries in 2022. Here’s what you can expect in terms of pricing for your mobile office trailer.


Portable office buildings are great for small businesses that need both space and simplicity in their office settings; the mobile office trailers will also act as classroom or construction sites when equipped correctly – just think outside the box!

If you’re looking to rent or lease a portable office trailer for the long term, monthly rental rates can range from $231-$922. This is depending on the trailer size and features you require. However, if your plan is just using it for long-term needs, then buying a used one might be better since they only cost between $3300 –  $8,900 (plus taxes).  If you would prefer to purchase a new mobile office trailer you would expect to invest on average $22,000, however, pricing can be much less for smaller-sized trailers, or upwards of an additional $10,000 for the top-of-the-line models.

There are a number of benefits you will enjoy from a mobile office trailer:

  • Excellent for short-term space problems.
  • Adds additional room for more students or employees to operate.
  • Perfect addition for medical facilities and sporting industries.
  • Easily facilitate needs for toilets, showers, and sinks.

The benefits are literally endless, and the list gets even longer with certain industries like construction companies.

The Cost of Renting Mobile Offices in 2022

With the right dimensions, you can rent an office for as low as $167 per month. The average cost of renting a mobile workstation is around $159 with additional charges depending on what type and specifications are needed such as larger windows or high-quality paint jobs to make your space feel more like home.

Mobile Office Trailer w x l       Avg. Monthly Rental Cost
Small Office Trailer (8ft x 20ft)       $231/Month
Medium Mobile Office (10ft x 404ft)       $367/Month
Large Mobile Offices (12ft x 60ft)       $621/Month
Xtra Large Office Trailers (28ft x 74ft)       $922/Month

The Cost of Fulfillment: Delivery and Set up Rates

Your delivery fee is determined at the start of your mobile office rental contract and will vary depending on how far away you are from their storage facility. Some companies also charge a set-up fee, which can cost around $700 dollars for distances over 40 miles traveled in one direction only. Additionally, a lot of companies do not charge a delivery fee, but the ones that do typically only charge between two and $400 depending on how far the drive is.  So collectively you may spend upwards of $1100 for set up and delivery.

Mobile Office Return Cost

If you’re renting the mobile office there will obviously come a point in time or you need to return it, and the national average for the company to come out and pick it up will be roughly $462. There are some parts of the country where returns are included in the rental price, but generally speaking, that will not be the case.

Mobile Office Enhancements

You can purchase a trailer for any purpose, from classrooms to office spaces and everything in between. For example, you might need HVAC systems with increased cooling or heating capabilities depending on what type of facility it will be used at – these typically come equipped as standard equipment! optional amenities such as showers/toilets (and even kitchenettes), rest areas with toilet paper rolls attached underneath your feet; washrooms are usually ready fitted too so all that’s left is wiring up electricity supply nodes near each door handle slot.

Mobile Offices For Sale

When renting a mobile office trailer, you must comply with health and safety regulations. Additionally, the customer should follow these guidelines when using it for their business purposes- rent an empty one if possible so there is no risk of accessing undercarriage areas! Supply skirts around trailers to protect wheels from interference or vandalism since this can cause problems in certain terrains such as snowed upon sidewalks that may have sharp objects planted into them because people walk over these spots without noticing how close they are getting.

In some cases, the costs for popular add-ons are included in a rental price while other companies charge a little extra. For example, you can expect to pay $25-$100 per month for electric and water hook-ups.

What’s the point of going out on a limb if you aren’t using it to its full potential? A mobile office trailer can be used for so many different purposes and we’ll take an overview into how they work, what features make them more useful than other types of vehicles.

Mobile Office Trailer Plumbing Features and Costs

The list of trailers that need water and drainage is not exhaustive but it does highlight the importance of these features in any type, size, or design.
The following types should be equipped with proper provisions: unless you’re using your trailer as extra storage. Here are a few reasons you might need plumbing hook ups:

  • Anywhere that employees or students will spend long periods of time
  • Construction sites
  • Operations where frequent hand washing is necessary
  • Most medical facilities
  • Retail establishments

Get the Right Amount of Space From Your Mobile Office Trailer

In the below chart you can calculate exactly how much office space you’re going to need and what size mobile office you should rent or buy to get the job done.

Dimensions (ft x ft)    Total Sq. Footage 
  8′ x 20′ Mobile Offices    160 Sq. Ft.
  8′ x 28′ Mobile Offices    224 Sq. Ft.
  8′ x 32′ Mobile Offices    256 Sq. Ft.
  8′ x 36′ Mobile Offices    288 Sq. Ft.
10’ x 44’ Mobile Offices    400 Sq. Ft.
10’ x 50’ Mobile Offices    500 Sq. Ft.
12’ x 32’ Mobile Offices    384 Sq. Ft.
12’ x 44’ Mobile Offices    528 Sq. Ft.
12’ x 56’ Mobile Offices    672 Sq. Ft.
12’ x 60’ Mobile Offices    720 Sq. Ft.
14′ x45′ Mobile Offices    630 Sq. Ft.

Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning cost (HVAC)

The best way to stay cool during summer is with an air conditioning system. If you’re in the field, be sure your trailer has one! You can also use it if there are multiple people living in a home but want different temperatures – like people who don’t mind being chilly while some employees prefer having warm rooms all year round (or even just ones that need more insulation). This type of equipment costs around $45 extra per month for uses such as renting out space at someone’s house while they’re away or using their backyard instead; however these HVAC units usually come standard-fit within most trailers already so check before hiring anything else out.

Mobile Office Trailer Electricity Costs

When you need a trailer for storage or an office, it’s important to make sure that the wiring is up to code. A licensed electrician can install power sockets and lights inside as well as outside of your property so all will be functional when needed! They typically charge around $250 depending on what needs doing but this price includes removing old terminals from wires which may result in higher prices if not done correctly by professionals who know how much force should go into each task at hand (and don’t forget about safety!).

Communications Costs (Phone, Internet, Fax, Etc)

You can forget about the old days when you needed to set up an office in order for your company’s operations. Now, all it takes is one mobile phone line and some WiFi access on-site! This way employees are never too far away from their work computers when they need them most – whether that means during meetings with clients or at home doing evening hours (and not just while dining). Generally speaking, setting up communications should be a one-time fee of less than $400.

Small, Medium, Large, and Double Wide Mobile Offices

Renting a mobile office is the perfect solution for individuals who do not have space to store their desks. From small to double-wide office trailers, you can choose from various sizes and configurations, so it’s easy!


A great thing about this option? You only need electricity AND light because these trailers come equipped with both – all that’s needed are hookups at home (or where ever) along with access through your own WiFi network if you want phone service too.

When it comes to renting a portable trailer, the options are almost endless. You can get one with lockers and showers for your sports club or organization’s needs as well as an area in which members situate drinks during competitions so they don’t dehydrate themselves beverages just outside of competition time.


Renting Mobile Offices: The Pros

Renting an office trailer can be the perfect solution for any company looking to save space and money.

Faster Set Up: Think about the time it takes you to get a building permit, wait for construction materials and have an extension built. Now imagine doing all of this in just one day! That is what mobile office trailers offer – quick access to extra space when needed without having any downtime or delays associated with making such arrangements on site.

Flexible: When you need to be on the move, mobile office trailers are perfect. For example: imagine working with a team of engineers who need constant access and communication throughout their job site; set up your trailer in an area close at hand but also accessible by others within miles/campsites around it – then weeks later after the building phase, one selector have finished their work nearby transfer all holdings over without difficulty since they can reconnect them once again using tractors for transport! This tip applies especially well if someone expects another large project coming through soon too.

Save Money:  You may be thinking that buying an office trailer would save you money, but the cost of renting can actually equal or even exceed what it would have been to purchase. Plus with these companies comes all sorts of problems like storing them between jobs and maintaining depreciation over their lifespan-which means more expense in general if we’re talking long term! So next time your company needs one for short-term use; consider just letting someone else handle responsibility instead through supply management services.

Purchase vs Lease

If you are planning on staying in one place for a while, then investing in something more permanent is worth it. For those of us who go mobile often or spend time away from our desks at work because we have jobs outside the office space (i.e., freelancers), buying secondhand furniture may be easier on both budget and environment due to recycling opportunities available through donating companies like Goodwill.


When it comes to mobile trailers, you can’t go wrong with a cost-effective option. In fact, these types of vehicles are great for those who plan on temporary use, for example:

  • When you’re running your business, it can be hard to find the right space. With a permanent office building erected and waiting for you on-site (or if need-based), this will make things much easier.
  • You might want to consider moving your mobile medical clinic every few months.

Renting Mobile Office Trailers: Important Considerations

Rental rates for mobile offices can vary depending on a number of different factors. Some such as the size and age of the facility you’re looking to rent it from, while others might be more temporary in nature like seasonal or holiday periods when demand exceeds supply which causes prices to go up accordingly! In order not only to find yourself paying too much but also getting stuck with an under-utilized asset that takes away valuable time at work consider our next option: hiring professionals who know how bests.

City/State: This guide will help you estimate the monthly cost of renting a travel trailer. The prices vary depending on where it is located (your region) and how much these vehicles are in demand, but for example, if there’s more demand in certain areas than others then that should also factor into total rental payments as well.

Time of Year: Construction companies often use mobile office trailers as on-site offices and break rooms. The busiest seasons for the construction industry are spring/summer, so it’s best to rent during these months if you can pick up your unit at some point later in the year when business is slower (and cheaper).

Length of Rental Time: The rental companies will always want at least one month’s notice if you’re going to be ending your contract early. If it is more than just a couple of weeks, then they can probably give lower payments in return for shorter durations and this might suit both parties better.

Extra Options: This brings us back to the question of how many extra options you want in your mobile office. It’s a matter of price, really – with every additional feature coming at an extra cost!

Square Footage: You can find many different mobile office trailer options to suit your needs and budget, but it’s important that you consider how much space each one will take up before making a purchase. If the single-wide office trailers aren’t enough for all of their equipment then maybe two or even three of these models would work better than just one Double Wide mobile office.

Added Features: Usually, modern rentals come with add-ons such as HVAC and washrooms. The price for these items may be included in monthly rental costs or separately charged depending on what’s needed by you during your stay at an appropriate rate.   For example, these features:

  • Phone, Internet, and Fax lines
  • Furniture and Office Equipment
  • Showers, Toilets, Sinks
  • Stairs and ramps
  • Security and alarm systems
  • Secure windows and doors

These options are sometimes extremely important, but also will continue to add to the overall cost of your mobile office.

State and Federal Permits & Regulations

When you are looking to rent a mobile office trailer, it is important that the location be compliant with local zoning and permitting regulations. For example, many towns do not permit short-term use of these vehicles on private property unless an exception has been made for special circumstances like yours (eagerly awaiting feedback). Always contact your city’s building department before making any decisions so as avoid future headaches down the line.

Modular Buildings with 4 Units

You might not need a site office or storage unit for your construction project, but you should ask permission anyways. In some situations (like in residential areas), it is necessary to obtain another permit if the mobile office will be used as one too.

You can’t just go to city hall and ask for a permit because your business needs more space. They’ll want details on where you plan to use the mobile office trailer, what kind of foundation it has (stability), any history with leaks or other problems in this area before approving its installation; they even inspected our fire alarms.


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