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How Many People Can an Office Trailer Hold per Square Foot?

There are many advantages of using a mobile office trailer. Discover the benefits and how many people an office trailer can accommodate per square foot today.

Building projects take a lot of effort and logistics to reach completion. In some cases, that requires paperwork and using computers. However, construction sites don’t have the same kind of resources that an office space does.


That’s where an office trailer comes in. They’re portable, can get hooked up to power, and provide safe shelter from the elements. You can bring all the necessary paperwork without having to run back to the office every time you need to check something.

But how many people can comfortably fit in an office trailer? And how do you decide if you need one?

5 Advantages of a Mobile Office Trailer

An office trailer is an important part of a well-functioning construction site. Even though you may think them unnecessary, an office trailer brings many advantages that you’d otherwise not have access to.

1. Expand Your Workspace

First of all, a mobile office trailer allows you to expand your functional workspace.

Construction sites require more than just physical labor. Site managers have to keep track of the timescale and budget of a process. They also have to manage any delays or problems that come up.

Doing all of that without an office can be difficult, especially when also dealing with various weather patterns. An office trailer provides that space.

You can also use a mobile office trailer as an expansion to your already existing office building. It’s a good alternative considering the high costs of building an expansion.

2. Safety

Construction workers have to deal with a lot of harsh conditions on the job, whether it be rain, heat, or the cold. A mobile office trailer provides a safe place to relax and recharge.

builder in hardhat with tablet pc at construction

If something goes wrong on the job, you can do first aid inside the trailer. You can also examine any blueprints or documents without worrying about the wind blowing it all away.

3. Versatile Use

You can use a mobile office space however you want. It can provide a place to do paperwork while also remaining on-site to manage your workers. Alternatively, you could use a trailer as a place for your employees to take a break out of the heat and sun.

Some construction trailers come with windows and climate control systems, so you can also use them for storage.

4. Security

Working out of your truck is an option, of course. However, your truck isn’t the most secure place on a construction site. Utilizing an office trailer is one way to improve your site security.

A mobile office space comes with locking mechanisms that protect your computers, files, and tools from theft. They’re also not as easily stolen as a vehicle.

5. Mobility

The portability of an office trailer is one of the best advantages. If you’re renting it, you can easily return it when your job is done. For companies that own mobile office trailers, you can easily relocate them to a new construction site.


Before you decide on a trailer, consider how you’ll use it. The larger it is, the more space you can make use of.

A smaller office trailer can comfortably seat a site manager’s furniture and one or two guests. Larger trailers can accommodate secretaries, seating areas, and more. The more you spend means more features and options.

permanent modular office building

If you need to hook up a computer, you’ll want to purchase a trailer with ethernet connections, Wi-Fi routers, and other similar fixtures. Some mobile offices come with bathrooms so you won’t have to rely on a portable toilet.

Comfort level is another thing to keep in mind. No one likes working in cramped spaces. However, a smaller office can provide enough space for a site manager that prefers to do most of his work outside.

Mobile Office Trailer Occupancy Size Requirements

How many people you can comfortably fit in an office trailer will depend on a couple of different factors. How will the space be utilized, and what size building can you afford?


To fit up to two occupants minimum, you’ll need 200 – 400 square feet. That means purchasing or renting an 8′ x 20′ trailer.


If you want to fit over five people, the trailer will have to be at least 700 – 900 square feet minimum or 12′ x 56′.


If you want to fit 8-10 people, the trailer will have to be at least 1200 – 1500 square feet minimum or 24′ x 56′.


Whatever size you go for will accommodate a varying amount of people depending on how many furnishings you have inside it. Generally speaking, you’ll want to rent out a mobile office trailer larger than you think you’ll need. You never know when you’ll need to store tools inside your office or hire a new worker.

One of the reasons a construction company may not want to purchase a mobile office space is the cost of an office trailer. Brand-new trailers can cost you as little as $14,000, and the prices only go up. You can reduce that price by purchasing a used trailer or renting one.

There’s also the matter of how long you’re planning on leasing a trailer. Renting for a longer period of time may be more affordable than going month to month, but you might end up stuck with the trailer if you finish your construction job earlier than anticipated.

Expect taxes and other fees to apply depending on your state and area when you hire an office trailer. You may also have to pay for add-ons like anchors and air conditioning.

Mobile Office Trailer Near Me

A mobile office trailer is a great addition to any construction site. It’s a place where you can set up your computer, do some paperwork, and get out of the blistering heat. Larger trailers can also allow multiple people to take advantage of the AC during their breaks.

Interested in buying or renting one for your construction sites? Office Trailer Sales offers trailers, modular buildings, and steel storage containers. Contact us today to get a quote.


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