calculatorHow Much Are Mobile Office Trailers? 

Mobile offices can be rented for as little as $200/month, or bought for as much as $45,000. To see what your cost will be, you need to answer a few simple questions.

Mobile Office trailers have been keeping businesses running for decades! Not only are they cost-effective solutions for temporary relocation, they offer mobility.

We’re going to learn about all the benefits that come when renting or buying a mobile office trailer. We’ve compiled our experience to bring you the information you’ll need to make the right choice for your company.

Read on to find out how much it would cost your company to rent or buy a mobile office trailer!

What Can You Use Mobile Office Trailers For?

Mobile office trailers can do plenty for industries like: government, education, or hospitality. All industries, on some level, will enjoy a mobile office. But, we do realize that there are some that could benefit a little more than others.

You might be wondering: who is the best candidate for mobile offices? Depending on your specific needs, mobile office trailers could help many people.

Mobile offices could be great temporary locations during your company’s yearly renovation season. You’ll be able to keep your employees out of the dirt, grime, and noise during construction.

A crucial detail in all this is to create or maintain a healthy work environment for yourself and your staff.

Using Mobile Office Trailer As A Press BoxRenting vs. Buying Office Trailers

Choosing what’s right for you and your company is the most important factor to consider. To do that, you’ll have to determine whether renting or buying will help efficiency.

Companies under office renovation may choose to rent. They may use a mobile office as temporary relocation. Towing companies that work onsite may consider buying an office trailer.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for a traditional office or a temporary fix. Mobile offices will keep up with daily earnings. Keep your business running! Mobile office trailers are a fantastic alternative to any sticky situation.

Once you’ve decided on whether you need a temporary location, or something a little more permanent, then you can start delving into pricing.

Consider the Details

Before you make a final decision, we recommend considering some easy-to-miss details. Have you thought about adding other features? If this is your office space for the next six months, you might want a bathroom and electricity. Right?

Do you need an office trailer that is handicap accessible? Would the location of where you’re planning to place the trailer allow for a metal ramp? And more important than anything else, have you added up the cost of adding on a ramp?

These add-on’s do add up, that’s why it’s important to consider the details now to avoid surprises later on. You don’t want to end up with an office trailer you regret later on because it doesn’t meet your needs. Or worse, it makes your employees uncomfortable.

Different Mobile Office Trailer Sizes for Different Purposes

You’ll not only have to decide on add-on’s but also, what size office do you need. It’s good to have a headcount of staff. And also know how many people you’ll have in the office. This will give you a better idea of what trailer size you’ll need to either rent or buy.

Basic sizes for a small single-wide unit are:

  • 8 x 20
  • 8 x 28
  • 8 x 32
  • 10 x 36

For single units that are a tab bit roomier, there are:

  • 10 x 20
  • 10 x 40
  • 12 x 40

These sizes are perfect for job site work. There’s plenty of remove for yourself, your staff, and a few clients.

If you’re looking for something bigger, you might look into double-sized units. Double-sized units are two single’s welded into one large open space.

But that’s enough planning for now. Let’s get down to numbers!

Office Trailer CostWhat’s the Cost For an Office Trailer?

Alright. You’ve gone through the planning process, now ready to dive into the pool of possibilities!

You’ve gathered all the information you need to settle on the right fit. This includes:

  • Headcount of staff that’ll be inside the mobile office
  • Whether you’ll need bathrooms, electricity, or other add-on’s
  • You have a rough idea of what size unit you’re looking for

How Much for Renting

Renting costs vary depending on the lease, size, as well as any add-on’s. The range can stretch anywhere between $200-$600 per month.

We recommend you rent a trailer when you know that you won’t be needing it after a short period of time. Otherwise, you may consider buying your own mobile office to cut down on long-term cost.

How Much for Buying

To buy a mobile office trailer, you’re looking at about $15,000-$45,000. This cost can range depending on what add-on’s or amenities you choose and size.

You’ll notice a higher ROI on a customized trailer that’s tailored to fit your business needs. Have your needs catered to for years to come!

Add-On’s: How Much and Is It Worth It?

Add-on’s range depending on what you choose to get. But we’ll sum it up in an easy-to-follow nutshell.

Ramps, for the most part, will be the most expense ranging into the hundreds. You’ll have to depends on how long you need the ramp to be to get an accurate amount. That’s why getting quotes is the best starting point. It’s also vital for those thinking about adding more to be able to stay within your price range.

Finding the Right Mobile Office Trailers for You and Your Business!

We’re not here to toss you to the wolves. Finding the right mobile office trailers takes a trained eye. We get that it can be confusing and overwhelming trying to make a difficult decision for our business. After all, our businesses are like our babies. We want them to succeed no matter what.

Let us help! We’re here to make the deciding easy for you. You shouldn’t have to worry yourself into a stressful mess about pricing, add-on’s, and going over budget. We can find what you’re looking for!

Trust the experts to bring you the office solution you’ve been looking for. Check out our blog for all the information you need to make the best choice for your company. We’ll walk you through all you need to know, so you can feel confident in your choice.

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