How to Choose the Right Construction Site Office Trailer

construction site office trailer

Your first order of business before starting construction is to set up an operation base. The right construction site office trailer is invaluable for your administrative space.

The US construction industry creates $1.4 trillion worth of structures each year. In each construction, there’s the need for proper documentation and well-managed office operations. Having an excellent office trailer on-site eases the administration operations for construction efficiency.


Office trailers are easy to assemble and thus are convenient for construction sites. Choosing the right site office trailer is no easy feat due to the different factors involved. As a result, buying for the first time can be a bit overwhelming.

Would you like to know how to choose the right construction site office trailer? Read on to learn.

Evaluate Your Needs

Not all projects are equal. The different needs mean that each project requires unique construction trailer options. Consider finding a trailer option that matches your needs by evaluating them first.

Understanding your specific needs helps you choose the trailer supplier to work with. You can explain to the supplier what your requirements are so they can get you a great trailer.

Check the supplier’s available options and ensure they’re able to support leasing or buying. If you’re interested in customized features, confirm with the supplier to share insights. The supplier will thus recommend the best trailer option for your business needs.

Check the supplier’s customer service to ascertain they’re a correct match for your business needs. Some questions to ask include;

• What’s their responsibility towards delivery, site prep, and liability for office trailers?

• Do their office trailers meet the modular construction guidelines and standards?

• Are they available for your service; what are their working hours?

• Do they handle operations on weekends and holidays?

• What happens in the event of emergencies like AC failure or weather damage?

• Do they have a local presence to address any instant service needs?

• How do you get in touch with them?

Asking such questions is crucial before you buy construction trailers from their inventory. In getting a reputable construction trailer supplier, you’re assured of top-notch services.


How Much Space Is Available?

How much of the landscape can you use for the construction site office trailer? You’ll need to take a look at the space available for putting your trailer within site. It influences the trailer option you settle for.

The main feature of portable offices is their placement for ensuring easy accessibility. Where they’re set up should thus be pre-decided and well prepared.

With contractors seeking maximum utility at construction sites, office spaces are often crammed. You must find an appropriate location and decide what to set up.

Ensure that your supplier inspects the trailer space ahead of delivery. They’ll know exactly what option fits your needs and how they can put up the office trailer. As a result, their professionalism is critical for suitable suggestions that you apply.

An overlooked area when thinking of the space is the delivery. The trailer needs a truck to deliver it, and it’s comparatively longer than the trailer. Ensure there’s enough room for the tractor-trailer to make the delivery; keep in mind you need more space.

Checking the space isn’t only for installation; Consider proximity to amenities. Think of how you’ll get power to the trailer and have the professionals look at it ahead of time.

Office Trailer Types

What is the type of office trailer suitable for you? Look through the portable office trailer types and pick the best option for your needs.

There are different main trailer types, including;

• Single wide office trailers

• Multi wide office trailers

• Stackable modular buildings

The main disparity that exists is how the trailers connect. Single wide office trailers join at the trailer’s shorter side to fit extended spaces. The assembling needs are few, which makes them popular among construction project managers.

Multi-wide trailers have the length as the assembly point. These are mainly used for sites with expansive spaces since the trailers are larger. The trailers have better features and amenities more than single-wide office trailers offer.

If you’re economical with the construction site space, consider stackable office trailers. These trailers feature multiple levels hence maximizing the available space. They, however, need significant on-site assembling, which can run up substantial installation costs.

Decide on the Size

The common trailer sizes are measured in square feet as follows;

• 8′ x 20′

• 10′ x 44′

• 12′ x 56′

• 24′ x 56′

How do you know the amount is trailer size you require? Here are some elements to consider:

Number of People You Have

The number of employees you’re looking to accommodate in the office will determine the size you go for. More employees mean more space needs which require you to get a 24′ x 60′ trailer.

The general thumb rule for office spaces is to allow at least 100 square feet per person. You should, however, ensure there’s enough room for housing documents and furniture. Roomier trailers make working and organization a lot easier.


What will you use the trailer for? Usage is one of the construction trailer tips used to determine the size.

There are several things you might want to use the office for which you need to factor in.

Most sites use the trailers for the storage of small equipment and workers’ safety gear. Such storage needs will force you to get a larger trailer to accommodate the extras.

Modular Office Construction Plan

What does the office plan look like? If you have unique office plans for creating a suitable site trailer, it might influence the size.

Are you choosing an open-office or closed-office layout? Each construction plan requires specific minimum size requirements to actualize.

An office trailer plan with amenities like restrooms will require bigger spaces.

Duration of Use

How long do you plan to use the office trailer? Shorter-term trailers for moving from one site to another don’t need fancy amenities. They can thus be smaller in size to fit the minimum needs.

If you’re planning to stay longer, you might consider roomier trailers for more comfort.

Check the Costs

What’s your budget? The cost is a huge consideration when choosing a construction site office trailer. Ensure that the rates offered don’t surpass your budget.

The different variables, such as the size of the trailer, affect the cost. Settle for an option you’re comfortable with and is within your budget.

Consider the job site trailer pricing to compare quotes from different suppliers. Go for the most reasonable option.

It’s advisable to consider used units for even more savings since they’re cheaper.

The costs extend to the delivery, setup, and removal, which you shouldn’t overlook. Factor them within your budget and ask the supplier about them before working with them. Go for suppliers that offer some of these services free to help you save more.

You expect that the trailer will come complete with desirable features. All these are included in the cost, so you’ll not have to pay an extra coin. You can, therefore, quickly move in and resume business operations after the mobile office arrives.

Evaluate Other Trailer Features

Construction site office trailers help you access the benefits of temporary office space for your business. It’s, however, considerate to look at how fancy you’re willing to get. Consider the other trailer features when choosing the construction site office trailer.

Check the trailer’s HVAC systems to ensure that they’re working for a cooler interior. Ensure your portable office has insulation as well to reduce heat loss during winter. Find trailers with aeration to create adequate airflow within the site office.

The security features are of huge concern due to the sensitivity of documents in the office. Ask the supplier about any security features the trailer has. Installation of alarm systems or quality locks can be imperative to ensure safety.

If you’re after portable offices, you’ll need a trailer that you can move, so consider mobile offices. Ground-level offices take a lot to move, which might be inconvenient to use. The differences relate to if the trailer comes on a set of wheels that make them movable.

You may also deliberate on additional amenities to factor in disabled employees. You might require ramps and ADA bathrooms which you’ll look for in a trailer.

Choose the Right Construction Site Office Trailer

Selecting a construction trailer doesn’t always have to be challenging. By following the right construction trailer guide, you’ll hack the selection process. Consider the above tips to choose the right construction site office trailer.

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