Is a Portable Office Space Right for Your Business? A Closer Look

portable office space

There’s a growing fear of a labor shortage in the construction sector, and over 90% of contractors believe their business may suffer as a result. So, it’s more important now that you retain your job site staff. Promoting good work morale can include providing comfortable break spaces. You can achieve this with portable offices.


Portable office space also ensures that newer resources arent spent every time a new project starts as the existing mobile office can be transferred over to the new site.

They may also provide significant savings when compared to a traditional office space.

Is all of this sounding good? Read on to find out more about portable office spaces and whether they’re suitable for your business.

What Is a Portable Office?

A portable office is a convenient, movable, and cost-effective temporary building. These mobile offices come in different dimensions to choose from according to your needs. Usually, these are pre-assembled and delivered to a location of your choosing.

These portable offices are much cheaper than building or renting a new office space and require less time to set up than traditional construction.

They are commonly created from shipping containers which makes them highly durable. Portable offices can also sustain wet, extremely harsh weather conditions, making them ideal mobile office spaces.

Common Portable Office Space Uses

There are several scenarios where you may need to use a portable office. Portable offices are primarily used in major construction sites as they can be towed away very quickly. They don’t need to be permanently set up.

Sattelite offices can be a great way to keep business operations flowing smoothly, even on the move or when transferring to a different location. They can also be cheaper to maintain.

A portable office can be used in a number of industries, varying from healthcare to construction. Some of the sectors that benefit significantly from portable office spaces are:

  • Traveling
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Industrial/Chemical
  • Gas & Oil
  • Scientific Research
  • Government
  • Education

Benefits of a Portable Office

Some businesses benefit from not having a permanent office. Some of the reasons to opt for a portable office instead include:

Saving Time

Sometimes the base of operations can be far away from the job site. This means a longer commute to the office, which can be time-consuming and use up a lot of fuel, causing you to spend unnecessary money.

Instead, having a portable office near the job site means that you won’t have to spend a lot of money traveling there, and you won’t waste time with the commute, which can help increase productivity. Speaking of which:

Increases Productivity

A portable office means that there won’t be any unnecessary burden on an employee to make it off-site for important meetings. No extra pressure means that the employees can focus all their energy on their work. They’ll also appreciate avoiding the hassle of traveling before or after their shift.

Happy employees are productive employees. An adequately managed work environment can increase employee productivity, producing better results for the company. Using a construction trailer as a break room is a fantastic idea that can help to keep morale high.

Saving Money

Dedicated office space can be extremely expensive, especially for a new business. The company needs to buy new furniture, internet, electricity and other utilities as well, which can put unnecessary strain on an already thin budget.

You could spend that same budget on more profitable endeavors such as marketing or hiring more employees for the company. Having a portable office not only cuts down some of these costs but sometimes can eliminate them completely. If your next job site is far away, you can just bring the trailer with you rather than setting up a new office.


One of the most beneficial parts of these portable offices is that they are highly configurable. You can easily tailor them according to the needs of you and your staff.

Some portable offices are modular, meaning you can simply add a new module to the office rather than buying a new one. This helps keep your office space connected and has the advantage of a bigger office while removing all the potential disadvantages of using an area that’s too small.

Easy to Set Up and Take Down

These portable offices can be very easy to set up and take down as they are lightweight and often on wheels. This makes it very helpful for construction sites as they can be towed in at the start of the project, and once the construction is finished, they can be taken down and moved to a new construction site.

Setting Up a Portable Office Space

Having a portable office still requires you to have the proper equipment to be able to do your work properly. Here are some of the basic things required in a portable office:

Power Ports for Computers

A computer is a must thing to have in a work environment in 2022. Chances are, you’re going to need to have digital meetings with your clients. Depending on the workload, you can either go for a laptop or a desktop computer for your workspace.

A laptop computer is more portable which can be a great addition to your arsenal if you’re always on the go. However, most laptops aren’t as powerful as desktop computers.

Desktop computers don’t have enough mobility, but they make up for this by having a lot of power. If you need to perform many resource-hungry tasks on your computer, then having a permanently placed desktop computer is the best option for your office.

Whichever computer type you choose for your workspace, you need to have good internet access to be able to work without any pauses, and having a good webcam ensures that you can engage in virtual meetings with ease. Having a good headset is extremely important as well as it makes sure your audio is clear when you talk to your peers or clients.

It also doesn’t hurt to power your construction trailer, so your employees can charge their devices during their breaks.

Internet and Data Protection

An adequate internet connection means that you’re always in contact with your peers and clients, no matter where they are. It’s not a fast internet connection that matters much here but a stable one.

Data privacy is extremely important for a business that has private client information.

You can protect your customer’s data by employing highly efficient data protection methods. This includes encrypting data storing data on a private cloud.

Data protection also means taking frequent backup of your data. Don’t just store data on your laptop. Having a backup plan is always an advantage.

Proper Furniture

Sitting in front of a computer on a chair can have a huge toll on your back, so investing in decent furniture can save you and your employees from a lot of future health issues.

Forcing yourself to sit on a beanbag or a stool can be very bad for your health, especially when combined with a laborious day’s work on the tools.

Sizes of a Mobile Office

Portable offices come in a number of sizes. A 24′ x 56′ office trailer is big enough to support the requirements of many employees.

An 8′ x 20′ job site office can be way too small for five employees but could be perfect for a small crew. It’s best to choose an option for yourself that won’t work with your workplace needs.

Here are a few of the commonly used sizes for portable offices:

  • 8′ x 20′ Office Trailers (Approx. 200 sq. Feet)
  • 8′ x 28′ Office Trailers (Approx. 350 sq. Feet)
  • 8′ x 32′ Office Trailers (Approx. 400 sq. Feet)
  • 10′ x 36′ Office Trailers (Approx. 450 sq. Feet)
  • 10′ x 44′ Office Trailers (Approx. 500 sq. Feet)
  • 12′ x 44′ Office Trailers (Approx. 700 sq. Feet)
  • 12′ x 56′ Office Trailers (Approx. 800 sq. Feet)
  • 12′ x 64′ + Office Trailers (Approx. 1,000+ sq. Feet)

You can look at the solutions we provide to better understand what you may need from your job site trailer.

The mobile office you choose for your needs should depend on your workforce and your current office space usage. For around three employees, an 8′ x 32′ office will easily accommodate them. You can also add more portable offices if employees increase on your job site.

A Portable Office Space for Your Needs

Portable office spaces are an excellent way to increase productivity and make your business more efficient. It provides your business the opportunity to save money and create a better work environment for your employees.

If you’re looking to get a portable office, please contact us. It would be a huge pleasure for us to help you out with any queries and help you choose the best portable office for your needs.


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