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Preparing for When Disaster Strikes Your Business

We spend time building up emergency supply stockpiles, plotting escape routes, and making sure that our family has a response plan ready in case disaster should ever strike. However, we need to also make sure that we have a plan in place should this same type of disaster affect our businesses in any way. Just like when protecting your family, this should go beyond merely formulating a plan to deal with disaster should it strike. It should also involve putting in place measures that will allow you to quickly and efficiently execute your disaster recovery plan, if the unthinkable should come to pass.

Keeping necessities on hand for you and your employees is a very good place to start. Basic toiletries and food and water will be needed if an event causes your people to have to stay on site for a prolonged period of time. Most disaster recovery protocols suggest that three days worth of stores are sufficient.

Power is another concern that should be addressed. A work site in today’s world almost always needs power in order to be functional, not to mention the necessity of light and heat for any people who may be stuck there. A gas or diesel backup generator and sufficient fuel to operate it for several days is a very important part of any emergency backup plan.

A back up location to base your operations out of is also something that businesses need to have arranged. This is especially critical for businesses that provide vital products or services that may be needed in the time of such a disaster. We have seen the after affects of hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes in our country, and know how vital it is for everyone that certain businesses get up and running again as soon as possible.

A location where you can base your operations out of, or even house employees if need be, in the case of a major disaster will allow you to stay in operation while others are reeling. In cases where an original location is not usable, you may also need to become mobile.

This is one of the reasons that modular building units make the perfect disaster backup locations. They can be relocated quickly and efficiently to any suitable site. In addition, modular building companies can provide units that are suitable for all of the major parts of an operation. Whether you need emergency storage, a mobile office solution, or a shelter for your people, modular steel buildings can provide a sturdy yet portable solution.

From office trailers, to modular buildings, or steel storage containers, we can help.


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