Permanent Modular Office Buildings: Cost, Size, and Buying Guide

Commercial Modular BuildingsAre you looking to install a permanent modular office building? Here’s your buying guide to costs, sizes and more.

This guide will help you to: 1) understand the benefits, 2) compare cost from multiple suppliers, 3) save money on your purchase.

One thing that can stifle  a growing business is lack of space to grow.

Needing more space for your company is a good problem to have. It means that you have reached your goals faster than you predicted.

A quick solution quickly keeps the progress moving forward.

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Building an addition could take months to complete. Moving to a new location will take a lot of capital upfront. That’s why many of our clients prefer installing permanent modular office buildings.

These are builds that are prefabricated offsite in pieces. During the constriction of the housing sections, the location site is prepped. The pieces are then constructed on the site in an accelerated time frame.

Because of the cheaper costs, these modular homes can be temporary until a new office is built. Or because of their high quality, these modular office buildings can become permanent spaces for your business.

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Why Commercial Modular Office Buildings?

permanent modular office buildingThere are many reasons to invest in a modular office building. Maybe your building is being repaired or you just need more space for employees. This can be a great way to ensure no work-stoppage at your business, whatever the case.

The following are some of the main benefits for modular office buildings.

Fast Turnaround

Modular buildings can be built is nearly half the time of conventional construction. Since most of the construction is being done in a factory, the weather will never slow down progress.

Simultaneous construction of the homes and location prep also cuts down time considerably.

Quality Construction

Just because these modular offices can be mobile doesn’t mean they are lesser quality. In fact, they are constructed with the same high-quality materials as all other building constructions. You’ll find wood and concrete used in many of these structures.

The offsite construction allows for better supervisions of the build. That controlled environment ensures a higher quality project.

Environmental Impact

If your business is cautious about its environmental footprint then modular offices are perfect for you. The offsite construction makes for a lesser disturbance on the building site. That means you won’t disturb the local forestry and animals.

Also, the factory builds allow for materials to be reused and recycled with ease. This eliminates wasting valuable resources. Today, every business should be looking for ways to go green.

Save Money

With all those benefits, the best thing about modular office building construction is that it will save you money. A typical construction job costs around $120 per square inch. Modular office space is half of that!

Then consider that the job lasts half the time of a typical one. That means you’re paying only twenty-five percent of a normal construction job. What’s not to like about that?

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How Much Do Modular Office Buildings Cost?

Cut CostsThat low price tag sounds very appealing. But there are many factors to what the actual cost of your modular office space will cost.

The following are some of the key factors in the price of your modular office building.


Like all things, the nicer they are the more they cost. Price per square inch on an average modular home can range from $50 to $80 dollars depending on design. But if you really want a luxury office space you could pay up to as much as $250 per square inch.

That’s still a considerable discount to typical luxury design. If you’re looking for a high-end upgrade that’s affordable, a modular office space might be for you. But if you just want something efficient and simple, this is surely the way to go.


You’re interested in a modular office building because you need more space for your building. But just how much more space do you need?

The design you’ve chosen will factor into how far you can stretch your budget. The more square inches of space you need, the higher the final price. You’re trying to save money with this project so don’t go overboard on space.

Get exactly what you need and nothing more. Your employees will prefer nicer amenities to unused space.


Paying for the modular home is only half of the expense you need to consider. You also need to decide where you can place it. Location is a key factor in the final price of this project.

You’ll want to find a plot of undeveloped land. Demolition of an already established property will only add to your costs. Depending on where your land is located, this could be very affordable.

However, if you’re in a high-end real estate market, available land will come with a large price tag. In order to make the savviest business move, the location, design, and size of the modular home all need to be decided in concert.


Like all property investments, a modular office building can be covered by a loan. Once you figure out what your business can afford for this project it’s time to go to the bank and see how much they can cover. This loan will keep overhead costs lower and ensure a more efficient complication of the project.

When looking for a loan it’s important to shop around. You’ve put in a lot of research and planning into this project so you want to start it off on the right foot. Saving money up front will help make your profits grow in the future

If things keep going that way you may need more modular office buildings in the future!

Install Permanent Modular Office Buildings

Now you know what you’re looking for and how much they will cost. It’s time to invest in permanent modular office buildings for your growing business.

The more space your employees have, the more room there will be to grow. Contact us today and we’ll get you a quote on your new office space.

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