Tips To Prevent “Costly” Mistakes At Construction Sites

Tips To Prevent “Costly” Mistakes At Construction SitesAccidents or incidents in the construction industry mainly occur due to unsafe acts, unsafe environments, and negligence and it is quite surprising to note that even the most experienced professionals in the construction field are vulnerable to incidents. There are certain behaviors that lead to incidents at construction sites and we will discuss a few of them to help you understand how you can prevent them.

Distraction is one of the major causes that may trigger an incident. Distraction may be caused by both onsite and offsite causes. For example, the necessity to adhere to construction timelines or a disturbed personal life may make a construction worker highly susceptible to stress which, in turn, may promote careless work attitude. A worker may forget to switch off a machine after using it or he may not remember to set a brake. On the other hand, excessive use of technology, such as cell phones, may become a major cause of distraction. You can prevent distraction-induced incidents by encouraging your workers to take scheduled breaks to relax or deal with personal matters. Secondly, you should sanction the onsite use of cell phones only if they are used for work-related purposes.

Complacency promotes a light, easy-going attitude towards safe work practices and it is another factor that may lead to construction site incidents. A worker who has done a job 100 times may be more likely to make mistakes and take safety best practices lightly. You can address complacency by conducting safety training on a regular basis. Plan tasks in advance and conduct risk assessment every day to create safety awareness among your workers and to ensure that they adhere to safe work practices all the time. Recognize the workers who demonstrate exceptional safe work practices.

Companies may offer safety training on a regular basis, but sometimes, the workers tend to ignore the safety procedures either deliberately or accidentally. Whatever the reasons are, you should make efforts to remind workers about their duties on a regular basis. Make sure that you label all hazardous substances and educate your workers about the weight limits of equipment. Your workmen should wear protective equipment and you should uphold a zero tolerance policy to encourage your workmen to wear protective gear and abide by all safety procedures. Ensuring construction site safety is more than just an administrative job and it is all about safeguarding the lives and wellbeing of the workers.


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