Office spaces are expensive, especially when you work in a major city. Companies with offices in New York City pay an average of $14,800 per employee every year—if they grant everyone 200 square feet each. With the workforce starting to shift to remote working, ditch the office space costs and rent office trailers instead.

Office trailers are versatile, as they can transform into temporary classrooms, construction offices, restaurants, and more. While you may have concerns that they don’t have all the features regular offices have, that’s not true. In fact, they have more benefits than permanent offices.

To this point, let’s dive into the reasons why your business should use office trailers as a temporary office space solution.


1. Cost Efficient

Why spend money on extra space you aren’t using? The main benefit of having an office trailer is that you can choose what size you need and find one that stays within your budget.

Temporary offices built from shipping containers

You can purchase one as small as 8′ x 20′ or as large as 24′ x 56′. To figure out what size would be best for you, multiply the number of people who will work out of the trailer by the square footage you want each person to have.

Some places are even flexible enough to work with you to come up with a quote that fits your price range. Additionally, you only have to pay for the trailer for as long as you need it when you rent. It’s more affordable than buying a trailer when you aren’t going to use it for that long.

2. Customizable Features

Create a design plan that makes your space functional. Office trailers can look just as professional as a regular office building. Choose the type of wall finish, insulation type, and window modifications that best suit your company’s needs.

Renting an office trailer doesn’t mean that you have to downgrade your technology either. On top of the standard power outlets, you can add an HVAC system, restrooms, and a kitchen area, too. Just like an apartment landlord, the company renting out your trailer should take care of any maintenance it may need.

For construction workers, an office trailer can serve as a place for workers to get out of the heat or inclement weather. Since steel is the most common trailer material, these offices are resilient. You won’t have a problem with water or wind damage when you work out of one.

Because trailers are smaller than your common office spaces and they last so long, you’ll likely end up spending less on your utilities. Therefore, it is a more environmentally-friendly option, especially if you rent a pre-used trailer.

There are other additions you can make to your unit to make it more useful to you. If you plan to use your trailer as a place to store food for your restaurant, you can install freezers and refrigerators. Medical practices can also add devices and equipment, like x-ray and mammogram machines, to expand patient outreach.

Offices and classrooms can add wi-fi too. Of course, these features cost extra, so factor them into your budget before starting your search.

3. Mobility

Because these trailers are temporary, it’s easy to break them down and build them up again. Meaning, when you move to a different job site, you can use the same trailer there too. Always choose a trailer retailer that can relocate your trailers quickly. It will decrease your company’s downtime.

When you work on properties you do not own, check with the zoning regulations in your area and reach out to local authorities to ensure that it is legal to have an office trailer. Doing this research will prevent you from having to pay fines.

Furthermore, you will need to make sure that you prep your location before the retailer delivers your trailer. The ground needs to be level, cleared out of any trees, brush, debris, or cords. Depending on your location’s terrain, you may have to anchor it to the ground.

4. Security

There’s no need to worry about the security of your documents or equipment when you store them in a trailer. Putting steel locks or deadbolts on the doors and windows decreases your chances of an unauthorized person accessing your office.

A security system is also another way to prevent your technology or confidential documents from getting stolen. Set it every day before you leave, and the alarm will sound if anyone enters the building after you’ve closed it up. The alarm company will contact you if it goes off.

If you want to take your security to another level, you can also add cameras that alert you when they detect motion. Installing plenty of light around this area might deter people from breaking in, and it will give you a better look at the perpetrator if they do.

5. High Comfort Level

The ability to arrange your furniture to make the office space comfortable for employees is another benefit of having a trailer. It makes a massive difference in work performance when you create a space where people enjoy spending their time.

One study found that employees’ stress levels increase when they are uncomfortable in their physical environment. The good news is that if your arrangement isn’t working, you can easily move the furniture around in an office trailer.

Rent Office Trailers from a Reputable Company

Sure, office trailers might not have been an idea that first came to your mind when thinking about workspaces. But they’re a perfect option when you want to decrease spending and increase efficiency in the workplace.

So, why not make the switch and rent office trailers today? At Office Trailer Sales, we have plenty of construction trailer options with all the accouterments you’ll want and need.

We have partners all across the country. Therefore, we can usually deliver your new office to you for free within one to two business days.

Fill out this form today, and you’ll hear back from us within 24 hours. We’ll help you take your business to the next level in no time.


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