7 Steps to Secure Your Construction Job Site Portable Office

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The portable office at your construction job site holds tons of sensitive information. That’s why your portable office needs security. Read about it here.

There are around 11 million people employed in the construction industry in the US today. Some of these people work in an office, whilst others are out on construction job sites. Either way, a portable office is a necessary part of any site, and the information contained within it must be well protected.


Construction job site security is vital for getting any build or project completed on time and safely. Your portable office holds the key elements for any construction site, such as employee information and money. That’s what makes it such a valuable target for trespassers and thieves.

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To find out more about the best way to secure your construction job site portable office, have a look at the tips below.

1. Get Security Cameras

Reliable security cameras are not only a great way to deter thieves and trespassers. They also offer a way to identify anyone who is foolish enough to break onto your site and try to get into your office.

There are many different kinds of security cameras to choose from. Many are small and discreet, so thieves and trespassers won’t realize they can be easily identified.

Combine these with larger, more obvious cameras to deter any criminals completely. CCTV is a great and inexpensive way to ensure your office is secured at all times.

A job site security camera will allow you to sleep a little better at night after leaving your site. On the off chance your site experiences any criminal activity, especially around your portable office, the cameras will pick this up. Anything stolen is easily identifiable, as are any thieves involved.

2. Use a Dedicated Security System

Using a security system will not only secure your office but will also secure your construction site as a whole. There are many different kinds of security systems available depending on your construction site needs.

Investing in CSCS cards for you and your staff is one way to control site and office access using a security system. These are logged with employee information to allow them access to particular site areas. You are in control of who has access to your portable office with one of these cards.

Another security system option is to employ someone to be at your site’s entryway at all times. This could be in the form of a turnstile system watched over by a guard.

The guard may ask for ID from anyone who tries to get onto the site. They can work in shift patterns to ensure someone is watching your site and office 24/7. They are in control of who enters the site, and therefore who gets anywhere near your portable office.

A job site security system is important for protecting your assets on site. Consider all the information you may keep in your portable office, including employee data. Keeping this information safe is important both for you and for your employee’s security.

3. Make Use of Good Lighting

There’s nothing that throws thieves and trespassers off like being caught. And investing in good lighting makes this much easier, especially around your portable office.

One way to add lighting around your office is to make use of solar lights. These lights will capture energy from the sun during the day so they are bright all night. They also come in a range of sizes, so you’re able to make use of them regardless of the size of your office.

Floodlights are a great way to light your construction site at night. One floodlight can cover a very wide area, so you can protect your portable office plus the rest of the site.

LED lights are a great option for those looking to save on energy costs without compromising on security. They provide a very bright light that is sure to catch trespassers off guard. Place them near your portable office to get the best quality of protection.

Not only will extra lighting deter thieves, but it will also make them easier to identify on camera if you have these installed. The extra light will highlight facial features and build so that you and the police can track down these people easily.

4. Invest in Some Extra Locks

Locks are one of the best ways to keep your portable office safe. That’s why making use of extra locks will provide your office with additional security. Locks are a great addition to your portable office and give you added peace of mind when you leave your site.

The first kind of lock you should have is the basic one installed on your office door. You’ll have a key to this that you must keep secure. It is a good idea to give a spare key to someone you trust who is on-site with you often.

A pin-code lock is also a great way to add additional security to your portable office. You’ll select the pin, so only you know it. This gives you full control over who has access to your portable office.

A final kind of lock that is very useful is a fingerprint lock. While these locks are slightly more high-tech, they are a great investment to really secure your office. You’ll scan your own fingerprint in, but you can also allow others to scan theirs. This gives you the final say in who can access your office.

5. Use Window Screens

A window screen is a cheap and practical security solution for your portable office. They provide an extra layer of protection for your office, deterring thieves once they realize their goals may be more difficult to achieve.

Window screens are used to cover your windows without blocking out natural light. They make it more difficult for anyone trying to break into your office by smashing a window because they cover the glass. Any extra layer of security you can add to the vulnerable parts of your office, like windows, should be made use of.

Window screens are easy to install, especially in portable offices. They also won’t break the bank, so they’re a perfect option for anyone seeking extra security for their portable office.

6. Consider Getting a Security Guard

Security systems and technology are a great way to keep your portable office safe on site. However, technology can fail, and if it does, you risk the information contained in your office being stolen. A security guard will help stop this problem.

What you have your security guard do is up to you. You may want them to simply be at your office door at all times when you aren’t there. Or you might prefer them to walk around the construction site once an hour to make sure everything is where it should be.

Whatever you decide, a security guard is an asset when it comes to protecting your portable office and your site. You can discuss your specific needs with them. There are many security companies available that are able to provide security guards for your construction site.

7. Have a Safe Inside Your Office to Keep Your Items Safe

While securing the outside of your portable office is important, securing what’s inside is just as vital in order to keep your site safe. There are several ways to make sure the interior of your portable office is as secure as the exterior.

Firstly, you should keep all important documents in a safe that only you know the combination to. Keeping the safe hidden in your office is also important. Placing it inside a floor-level cupboard away from prying eyes is a good idea.

Secondly, ensure that nothing valuable is left in plain sight where it can be seen through windows. If anyone is trying to steal from your portable office, knowing that they will have to spend time searching for what they’re looking for can throw them off. Keep anything valuable hidden away in drawers, folders, or your safe.

Finally, consider adding blinds or curtains to your portable office windows if they aren’t already installed. Pull them down at the end of each day to stop anyone from looking through your windows.

The Security of Your Construction Job Site Is Your Top Priority

Security on your construction job site is an absolute must. Construction job site trailers can be a target for thieves as they often contain money and valuable information.

Your portable office contains the most important parts of any construction job. This includes budgets, blueprints, and employee details. Make sure your office is safe by investing in the security measures listed above.

To learn more about portable offices and find them for an excellent price, consider contacting the dedicated customer service team. They’ll be happy to answer any questions and guide you through the process of finding your perfect portable office.


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