How Construction Trailers Promote a Safe Office Workplace

Every construction company owner knows how vital it is to keep their employees working safely and efficiently. One study of U.S. construction sites shows that only 32% of the total available time is used for productive work!

Does that sound familiar? Have you ever wondered how to improve the safety efficiency of your construction site workforce?


One simple and effective solution is to ensure that every job site has a construction trailer for your employees to use. These portable offices can provide far more than just a safe office space for your paperwork. The right trailer can enhance worker safety and increase productivity.

If you’re interested in how a construction trailer can benefit your company, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain all the safety benefits of having a construction trailer on your work site.

Provide a Command and Safety Hub

Construction sites can be busy places with any number of part-time workers and contractors arriving on site each morning. Having a central checkpoint is a great way to ensure that these people can sign in without wasting time looking for your project manager.

Once you have a construction trailer on-site you can use it as the command and control center. This makes your job site safer as it is easy for your employees and third-party contractors to find your project manager.

By positioning your trailer at the entrance to your worksite you can create a secure access control point. This allows you to monitor who comes onto your site and to stop contractors from accidentally wandering into a high-risk zone.

By doing this you can make your construction site a safer place for engineers and architects to visit. An access point can also help to keep sightseers and trespassers out of your worksite. This reduces the risk of having unauthorized people walk into a dangerous situation.

Mobile office trailers can also provide you with a space to have site safety meetings in a comfortable and quiet room. You can also post important safety news items on a notice board to inform your team of critical safety updates.

Emergency Care Center

Keeping your employees safe is the number one concern of every construction company. As you know, there are an untold number of construction site safety hazards involved with almost every task. Working at height and using heavy machinery are some of the most significant risks that your employees face every day.

Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labour indicate that in 2019 there were 200,000 nonfatal injuries in the construction industry. These figures show that construction is one of the most dangerous and high-risk industries to work in. Construction companies need to take every possible step to mitigate this risk.

If one of your employees ever has an accident that requires emergency medical treatment you’ll need a safe place to provide first aid. Having a construction trailer on site is the perfect place to do this. By taking an accident victim out of the weather you can keep them warm, which helps prevent shock from setting in.

A good way to keep your employees safe is by storing your emergency first aid kit in an easily accessible part of your mobile office. This makes it easy for any member of your team to locate it and quickly respond to an accident. A construction trailer also provides the ideal place for emergency medical responders to stabilize a patient.

Comfortable Office Space

Big construction projects can take months, or even years to complete. During that time it may be impractical for your project manager to travel back to your head office. This makes having a low-cost temporary office space absolutely essential.

By staying on-site your project manager can keep a finger on the pulse of the job and oversee the daily activities. This can help ensure that your workforce is operating as safely and efficiently as possible. It can also make a huge difference to the productivity of your build.

Most construction trailers have separate office areas. These are the perfect place for your project manager to work and have meetings. This allows you to store all your computers, paperwork, and blueprints in a safe and weather-proof office.

Without an office space, it is difficult for your project manager to keep up to date with all the required paperwork and still monitor the worksite. Driving back and forth to your head office is a waste of their time and will increase their stress and fatigue levels.

Make sure you have heating and air conditioning systems installed on your trailer. This will definitely improve the productivity of your project manager!

Safe Storage Space

Having a secure construction trailer on site is a simple way to improve your security. They can provide you with a safe place to store your tools and other equipment overnight and when they are not being used.

This allows you to keep your tools out of sight and securely locked up. A big advantage of this is that you don’t have to transport them each day. Not only is this safer than storing them in your vehicle, but it is also far more convenient.

Another benefit of having a portable office trailer is that you can provide your workers with a locker. This gives them the space to safely store their change of clothes and other possessions while they are working. By doing this you can go a long way toward preventing any on-site theft.

Worker Rest and Ablution Facility

Construction sites can be exhausting places to work as most of the time workers are exposed to the full force of the elements. In summer there is the risk of heatstroke and in winter exposure to the cold can easily lead to frostbite.

By offering your workers an indoor shelter for them to have their lunch and take breaks in you can improve their productivity. Once they have rested and recharged in a comfortable indoor canteen they will be far more willing to get back to work.

Construction trailers also provide your workers with a safe place to shelter if there is a lightning storm or dangerous winds. Knowing that they can escape from the worst of the weather will help to keep their morale up and keep them working hard.

One of the best ways to keep your workers happy is to connect your trailer to utilities and provide a nice toilet and shower facility to use. Having a changing room can make a huge difference to the comfort of all your employees!

How to Turn Your Construction Trailer into a Safe Office

Depending on where your job site is located you may be wondering how to secure your construction trailer? Most mobile offices are made from corrugated steel. This means the only areas where you may need to beef up your security are the windows and doors.

A lockbox is a simple addition that can protect your door padlocks from criminals trying to gain access with bolt cutters or grinders. For additional door security, you can install a deadbolt lock or use a security gate.

The most effective way to protect your windows from intruders is to install window screens or security bars. That way, even if your window is broken there is no way to gain access to your office.

One of the best ways of ensuring your trailer and worksite remains secure is to install closed-circuit video cameras. By placing multiple cameras around your trailer and construction site you have a reliable way of keeping watch of your site office.

Some locations may need security guards on-site during the evening. Your mobile office is the perfect place for them to standby and check your security cameras.

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