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How to Get the Best Deals on Mobile Office Trailer Sale Events

Mobile office trailers can be costly, so waiting for a sale may have big savings. Here’s how to get the best deals from mobile office trailer sale events.

Mobile office trailer sale events provide numerous practical and quick solutions for companies and organizations looking to establish professional, efficient, and comfortable workstations at offsite locations.

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Portable office modular design is strong enough to provide a long-lasting solution while also being a temporary solution for on-site work. You may purchase or rent a mobile office trailer based on how frequently you need it.

The decision on whether to rent or buy a trailer is influenced by how long you want to invest in trailers, your financial plan, and even the trailer’s location.

When selecting a used construction site trailer, there are a few other factors to consider. Continue reading to learn the best tips on how to get the best deals on mobile office trailer sale events.

Costs of Office Trailers

A budget should come first before shopping for a new or used construction site trailer. Many things go beyond the price of the portable office. Suppose you don’t have a site; you need to figure out land costs and permitting requirements.

Also, you need to budget for any custom work that you want to be done. Used office trailers come in different conditions and sizes.

The original price may be affordable, but the total cost may quickly add up for any custom work done. Consider balancing your savings by comparing the costs of any work required.

Mobile Offices For Sale

If you want to buy a mobile office trailer, it costs anywhere from $12,000 to $48,000. But renting a mobile office costs anywhere from $175 to $800 per month. The price can vary depending on the season you want to rent and location.

Make sure you include delivery and setup fees in your budget. The charges vary depending on where your construction business is located. These two charges can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500.

Add also removal costs that you will pay after the lapse of the contract. Most suppliers charge between $300 and $1,000 as a removal fee.

Consider the extra features and amenities that come with the trailer. Take time to go through your options to determine your budget.


Jobsite Office Trailer Space

Where you intend to place an office trailer could make a difference. Modular types can sit inside a building like a warehouse. But in the construction industry, portable offices are mainly designed for outdoor settings.

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Before choosing a construction office trailer, consider the landscape. There should be adequate access for delivery and setup. Consider whether you want it to be set up and removed within a short time.

Talk also to your construction manager. They will inform you about any grades, uneven ground, or slopes. Such information is crucial as it will determine the benefits that come with the trailer.

Consider the power source when determining the place to set up the office trailer. Keep safety in mind if you’ll be using a generator as the power.

When you know the space available, you’ll be able to get the best deal on sales events. It will be easy for you to choose the best mobile office trailer for your needs.

Duration Of Mobile Office Use

The time you plan to use the trailer will dictate the size and amenities you need. If you plan to move it from one site to another, choose a trailer with few amenities and is easy to transport.

The same applies if you or intend to use it for a few weeks. Make sure that the setup is not costly and doesn’t come with many tear-down features.

But if the trailer is for the long-term, choose one with traditional conveniences. It should look like a brick-and-mortar building.

Most providers give information on the various types of trailers and their uses. It helps to ensure the buying or renting process goes smoothly.

Number of People Occupying Jobsite Office Trailer

The number of people who will occupy the space will determine the type and size of the trailer to buy or rent. The rule of thumb used in the construction industry is 100 to 150 square feet per person.

A trailer size of 24′ x 64′ can fit ten people. One that measures 8′ x 16′ is ideal for one person. Ensure there is adequate space for your employees to accomplish work.

Employee retention and comfort will eventually make up for the extra cost. The best deal on portable offices, also called job site trailers, is a size that fits your employees.


It’s vital to know when your building should be operational. Such information will help you know the right time to buy or rent a trailer.

You can get an operational new or used office trailer in days or weeks. This is the standard timeline in the construction industry. It may take a little longer if you need customization done before delivery.

Timing plays a vital role in choosing the right used or new trailer. Choose a portable office that can be ready with the least changes if you have a tight timeline.

A good provider will help you get the best deal during sale events. They will also deliver the trailer within the agreed timeline to avoid any delays.

Should You Rent Or Buy Mobile Offices?

Renting is the most popular choice for most people in the construction business. It’s because mobile office trailers are commonly used as temporary storage.

Most requirements for trailers are temporary. For this reason, renting is common than buying.

Most people need the extra space during construction for a few months. Investing in a temporary solution is in their best interest.

Job site trailers are mostly rented out for six months up to two years. Still, it’s possible to rent one for a longer or shorter period. When you choose to rent, the supplier will deliver, maintain, and remove the structure.

But if you think you need to use a container office for more than three years, then it’s best to consider buying one. Buying is the most cost-effective solution than long-term renting.

Choose The Best Deals On Mobile Office Trailer Sale Events

From purchases to rentals, they are plenty of portable offices to solve your problems. So, use mobile office trailer sale events to get a portable office that suits your needs.

Are you looking for a supplier who will match you with the right product? Or do you want help to find used construction trailers?

Here at Office Trailer Sales, we assist construction companies in getting already used construction trailers. We assist them in comparing prices on purchasing and/or renting mobile office trailers.

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