How to Buy a Mobile Office Trailer With a Bathroom

mobile office trailer with bathroomWant to upgrade your space to a mobile office trailer with bathroom features? Learn more about your options and cost with this complete buyer’s guide.

Do you need a quick work-space that you can use temporarily? If so, the most affordable option available to you is going to be a mobile office.

But, when you have multiple people working in an office, you might want to get it outfitted with a bathroom.

There are a few ways you could go about this. You could have one that has a bathroom built on the inside or the outside. It all depends on your needs and your budget.

To help you decide if you want to spring for a mobile office trailer with bathroom space, here is a guide to all you’ll need to know.

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Are Bathrooms Standard in Mobile Offices?

Mobile office trailers can come with or without a bathroom. It all depends on the distributor that you go through. You can have one installed in the container but it’s a little complicated.

Plumbing will have to go somewhere so the interior either has to be raised or the container has to be put on blocks. If you feel like you need the extra office space instead of having a bathroom on the inside, you can get a separate trailer. It all depends on your needs and your budget.

What Features Can Your Bathroom Have?

What features you have in your mobile office bathroom all depend on what you need and the distributor. Here are a few things that yours may come with.


There are some mobile office trailer bathrooms that do come equipped with showers. You may want to opt out of this feature due to the expense, though. The water and sewage that goes into having a toilet and sink can be expensive, let alone the extra water you’ll use for a shower.

The only time that it would be necessary is if you have employees doing physical labor. They may want to shower before they go home. It depends on the business you have.


Toilets are a standard that comes with a mobile office bathroom. The hurdle that you’ll have to conquer is sewage options. Your mobile trailer will have to be on a ramp to allow for the hookup.

If you don’t want to put the ramp in, you can also have a truck come by every day and take the waste away. You’ll have to hire a team for that so it all depends if that is in your budget.


A sink is another feature that comes standard in most mobile office trailer bathrooms. Like the toilet, the only hurdle you have to overcome is setting up plumbing.

You have to decide if you want to go with standard plumbing options or non-plumbing ones. More on this below!

ShowerHow Is Plumbing Set Up in a Mobile Office?

When you get a mobile trailer with a restroom, you have to think about the plumbing options available to you. You have the standard plumbing options and the non-plumbing ones.

Standard Plumbing Options

The standard plumbing options are available for mobile bathrooms that have the hookup to connect to the local water and sewage lines. Keep in mind that if you go with this option, there will be extra fees for using water and sewage.

Also, if you need an ADA-compliant bathroom, you can count on most suppliers giving you one.

Non-Plumbing Options  

If your bathroom doesn’t have the necessary hook up, you’ll have to go with the non-plumbing options. If this is the case for you, waste will be held in a tank that will get emptied daily or weekly by a truck.

Depending on your supplier, you may have to set this up with another company which means extra money will go into hiring them. If you don’t want to have to hire another company, then shop around for a supplier that offers this service.

What Size Is Right For You?

What size you need all depends on the number of people you have working in the mobile office. The more workers you have, the bigger the trailer. For example, if you have four or five people working in the trailer, a single wide is fine.

If you want to have extra space in the trailer for your workers, then you should consider having an outdoor bathroom installed.

How Much Does It Cost to Set One Up?

You can buy or lease a mobile office trailer. It will cost you up to about $50,000 to buy one which makes sense if you’re going to be using it for an extended period of time or you need a customizable office.

Renting is the cheaper option because your typical payments will be around $900 a month depending on the trailer. This is also the best option if the mobile office is very temporary. These are the most expensive options you’ll see, but you can get some a lot cheaper.

You obviously have to factor in bills to the overall cost.

You have to pay for sewage and water. If your office doesn’t include a plumbing hook up, you’ll have to hire an outside company to take your waste away. There is also the power bill and any other expenses.

What To Expect Out of a Mobile Office Trailer with Bathroom Hookups

A mobile office trailer with bathroom hookups can be the perfect solution if you’re just getting started and can’t afford an office building. You can also use them longterm if need be.

Not all mobile offices come with a bathroom, but depending on your needs, you may want to find one that does. Get the most out of your office.

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