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Delivery is available in These Ohio Cities and Beyond: Columbus, OH; Cleveland, OH; Cincinnati, OH; Toledo, OH; Akron, OH; Dayton, OH; Parma, OH; Canton, OH; Youngstown, OH; Lorain, OH; Hamilton, OH; Springfield, OH; Kettering, OH

Recent Mobile Offices & Modular Building Solutions Sold in Ohio

10′ x 20′ Used Sales Office Trailer $3,750
14′ x 60′ Trailer For Retail Office $9,500
14′ x 56′ Mobile Office Trailer For Medical $11,100

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Available Sizes for Construction Trailers

Before you can start pricing available portable trailers, you need to figure out what size of trailer you need. Think about how you intend to use the trailer and how much space you have available. Below are the available sizes:

  • 8’ x 20’: Approx. 200 sq. feet
  • 8’ x 28’: Approx. 350 sq. feet
  • 8’ x 32’: Approx. 400 sq. feet
  • 10’ x 36’: Approx. 450 sq. feet
  • 10’ x 44’: Approx. 500 sq. feet
  • 12’ x 44′: Approx. 700 sq. feet
  • 12’ x 56’: Approx. 800 sq. feet
  • 12’ x 64’: Approx. 1,000+ sq. feet
  • 24’ x 56’: Approx. 1,400 sq. feet

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If you’re looking to add a temporary office building, either to expand your available space or to create a site office, then used construction trailers give you the opportunity to get more for your money. While new trailers range in price from 15 to 45,000 dollars, you can buy a used trailer for as little as $3,000.

If you’re shopping for construction trailers in Ohio, here’s what you need to look for.

Used Construction TrailersWhat’s Your Budget?

As with most purchases, this is an important question. You need to know what you can afford so that you can choose a used office trailer, have it delivered and have any modifications that are required without spending more than you have.

Used office trailers are available in a wide variety of specifications, from the basic which have office space and electrical hookup to those that include air conditioning, kitchen facilities, a bathroom, and features such as steps and skirting.

As well as used office trailers for sale, we also have a selection that is available to rent. This will help keep your initial costs low, while still ensuring that you have all the space you need to succeed.

Where Will You Put the Construction Trailer?

If you have a space available, you can check whether any used offices available are suitable for that space. If you’re planning to take it to a different site, you will need to make sure that you have permission from the landowner to site your trailer there.

It’s also worth making sure that you won’t be in violation of any permitting restrictions that are in place. You’ll need to check Federal, state, and local zoning and permitting laws to be certain that you’ll have no issues.

The Weather

While Ohio has a temperate climate, it’s still worth considering what the weather will be like while the office trailer is in use. If it will be during the summer, then working air conditioning will be welcome; in winter you’ll need to think about insulation and heating.

You will also want to think about the results of any rainfall. Does the unit you’re looking at need guttering to keep rainwater away from the sides or footings once it’s in place?

Long-Term Plans

Will the office be remaining in place as a semi-permanent solution or are you expecting to move it from site to site? If you think it will stay where it is, then skirting and fixed steps will help to make it feel more like a permanent office.

Alternatively, if you are using your trailer as a mobile site office you will need to think about the speed and ease with which you can move it around the place. Folding steps will be a big advantage in that case, as will folding furniture that can be easily moved with the trailer.

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