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Productivity on the Go: Getting a Mobile Office Space for Construction

The construction industry in the US has an expenditure of over $1200 billion a year. So, There’s plenty of money to go around in this industry. But, to make the most of it, it’s all about streamlining your work.

Construction sites can be hectic due to the numerous trades and crafts operating in an area. If the weather is unfavorable, it becomes difficult to set up shop outdoors. Therefore, a mobile office space would be convenient and increase productivity for a construction site.

If you are a contractor, read on to learn the importance of mobile office space and how you can acquire a portable construction office.

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What Is a Mobile Office Space?

Mobile office spaces are portable, convenient, and cost-effective temporary buildings. Usually, mobile office spaces are assembled in a controlled environment and delivered to your location.

Even though mobile offices have standard sizes to make them easy to install, different sizes are available for you to choose from. Portable office space suppliers keep an inventory of units available on hand.

5 Benefits of a Mobile Office Space

Understanding the value of any investment is important. The following are the benefits of using a mobile office space:

1. Portable

You can transport mobile offices from one place to another. If you are in construction and are moving to a different site or have multiple job sites, then using a portable construction office is ideal.

2. Cost-Effective

Renting a mobile office is an affordable solution if you need a workspace temporarily. Offices in permanent buildings take longer to construct and have associated expenses like;

  • Rent
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Internet bills.

On the other hand, mobile office space is ready to use as soon as the supplier delivers it. This reduces the cost of building by almost 30% and has a construction time of 0 hours if you buy a ready-made one.

3. Storage

Another benefit of mobile office trailers is that they can function as storage for your work material (and staff). The mobile office trailer can house extra construction supplies and more if you are a construction contractor.

You can decide to section the portable office trailer to have office space and shelving for storage. Storing supplies needed for work will save you and your crew time, thus being more efficient.

It’s a much safer place to leave tools than in a truck or back of a utility vehicle.

4. Break Room / Changing Room / Employee Bathrooms

Construction crew often need to wear overalls while working. They also need a conducive place to relax when having breaks. You can tailor a mobile office space to include a changing room and a meeting spot that can serve as a break room.

A meeting room will be helpful when it comes to making plans with your team. When you meet your construction crew’s needs, they become even more productive.

5. Versatile

If you have bought a portable office, you can outfit it with special modifications. Mobile office spaces are easy to configure and less costly than a permanent office’s complete renovations.

Using adjustable furniture and shelving, you can easily outfit your mobile office space to suit your needs.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying a Mobile Office

There are a few things to consider before buying a mobile office. Below is a rundown of factors to ponder when deciding whether a mobile office is for you and whether you should buy or rent.

The Period Which the Onsite Office Is Needed

The more time needed to complete a project, the more you need to acquire an onsite portable construction office. If you will work for a day or two, there is no need to rent or buy a mobile office at all.

Even renting an onsite mobile office for just a week may not be needed, as long as other considerations are met. A project that takes at least a month is helpful since the space is leasable for such a period. The cumulative time spent not traveling back and forth to a permanent office also makes it worthwhile.

Security of The Onsite Mobile Office

Security is often the first concern for any renter. The security is dependant on the type of material used to make the mobile office and the premises where the office lies.

Ensuring the safety of your portable construction office will fall squarely on your shoulders. There are three secure alternatives to choose from:

  • Mobile home style offices
  • Modified semi-trailer offices
  • Modified cargo container storage boxes

Of the three, the modified cargo container’s most resistant to vandalism due to its steel construction.

Another security consideration is whether the construction site has on-premises guards. Sometimes it is not given that a security team will be present on the site.

Which Storage Option Can Stand Adverse Weather Conditions?

A modified trailer office will require tie-down installation because of their likelihood of tipping over during a storm or wind gale. There is usually a large open area under a trailer that can become a wind catcher. It takes a pretty nasty storm to be of any real threat, though.

Mobile home-style offices are lighter than trailer offices. Therefore, they are more prone to destruction during harsh weather conditions. If high winds hit the job site, the modified trailer office could tip over. Again, you can use tie-downs to help to negate this potential issue.

Multi-Use of Mobile Office Space

To get the most value for your money, you may use your mobile office space for more than one purpose. In construction, for instance, you may want different trades such as electrical and plumbing to have separate compartments.

Luckily all mobile office spaces are versatile, and you can set up different rooms to accommodate several office types.

A mobile office supplier can modify trailer-style mobile offices to handle an extra office or two by installing divider walls.

Do You Need The Portable Construction Office To Be Mobile?

Once you set up your mobile office on a site, it will remain there until you complete your project.

Trailer-style mobile offices are the best for moving around to different job sites.

How Can You Acquire a Mobile Office Space?

Several companies have an active inventory of available mobile office spaces. You first need to approach a reputable supplier.

Most suppliers will then request you additional information such as whether you intend to purchase or rent; they will then compare the prices, help in cost-cutting, and set up fast delivery solutions. In short, suppliers will help you narrow down to the exact mobile office space that will fit your needs.

You can get a direct quote from us for the best prices on the highest quality mobile offices.

Below are some of the types of mobile office spaces you can acquire.

Buying New Mobile Office Trailers

If you need a mobile office space for long-term use, buying will assure a much greater return on investment. You will have total control of the mobile office and use it as long as you would like.

You can then ask your supplier to customize the mobile office space. If you want to purchase a portable construction trailer, you can ask for the trailer to be fitted with steel doors and deadbolt locks, windows with bars, and other security features.

Buying new mobile office spaces will assure you of a durable and fully secured solution once all customizations are completed.

How to Finance Your Mobile Office Trailer

There are many financial options available to mobile office space buyers. Once you have received a quote from the supplier, you can request available payment options from them or your local bank.

Buying Used Mobile Office Trailers

Used mobile office spaces can be cheaper than buying a new one. However, a buyer will have to comply with the trailer sizes available. However, there is no need to worry since many sizes are available to choose from.

Used portable office trailers can also be single-wide or double-wide. You can transport an 8′ to 14′ single-wide office trailer once. Double-wide means combining the two single-wide trailers; therefore, they will need two separate modes of transport. Consequently, you need to consider transport costs in this case.

Mobile Office Trailers for Rent

If your project will take a short period and might be a one-off, many suppliers can provide rental options.

You can rent either new or used construction office trailers, but used options are the most commonly available. Usually, all portable construction trailers for rent go through inspections, cleaning, and repairs before being given to a client.

What Other Businesses are in Need of Mobile Office Space?

Mobile office space can be helpful in different types of businesses and events such as:

Education –  To put up mobile or temporary daycare, classrooms, training, and instructional areas.

Government – Offers flexible or temporary solutions to put up municipal, military, and emergency spaces.

Retail and Commercial – Offers eco-friendly, affordable, and fast delivery solutions to set up banks, restaurants, sales centers.

Medical – To set up acute care, outpatient clinics, patient care facilities in remote areas.

Entertainment – Music Festivals, Carnivals. To set up multi-use offices with staff restrooms, changing rooms, security monitoring systems, generators, and storage purposes for media equipment.

Transportation – To house visitor centers, terminals for train stations and airports.

If you fit in any of the above categories and need a temporary workspace in a hurry, renting a mobile office is practical and affordable. But if your business is often up and running, you should consider buying a mobile office trailer.

Moving Forward With a Mobile Office

Whether your mobile office space needs, you can find the most suitable space through a reputable supplier. Therefore, you will need to research the different local suppliers in your location to ensure you find one who will deliver you the best office space or contact us for a fair quote.

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