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How Much Do 10 x 36 Office Trailers Cost in 2019?

10' x 36' Portable-Office-TrailerMade with the highest quality durable materials, whether you’re looking to rent or buy, find out the costs associated with 10 x 36 office trailers in 2019.

Looking into office or storage solutions for sites? Almost every business needs temp space. You should have one at some point to allow you to take advantage of extra space within your work site.

Running businesses in mobile offices is how many industries work. Whether you’re in construction, medical or education, mobile offices can be a huge value.

How much does it cost to buy/rent them?

In this guide, we’ll help you sort around the cost of 10 x 36 office trailers for sale. Here’s why should look:

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1. How Much Do 10 x 36 Office Trailers For Sale or Rent Cost

Let’s answer the question: what’s the cost of a 10 x 36 mobile office trailer? The cost depends on whether you plan on renting or buying. Renting or buying office trailers for sale can be more valuable depending on your needs.

36 x 10 Office Trailer

Rental rates for mobile offices vary from region to region, with 10 x 36 trailers going between $200 – $400 a month. This cost is not final, as you need to pay for unit delivery, installation, and removal. In total, you would need to pay around $1500 to $2500 in peripheral setup fees.

When renting, the minimum rental time is at 3 months. If you’re using the office for a single project for one year, you’re looking at $2400 – $ 4800 a year. Add that to the setup fees, the range goes higher.

If you want to find office trailers for sale, the sale price should go between $15,000 to $30,000. Many companies tend to rent for a single project. If you have different projects or plan on using it for a long time, it’s better to buy one for long-term use.

2. Purchase Mobile Office Trailers

If you’re not familiar with office trailers for sale, you need to understand its value to many industries. The mobile office trailer provides office space without pinning it down. They’re pre-manufactured off-site, giving ready access for many different office needs. Perhaps buying a mobile office is best for your needs and ROI.

The office trailer is a popular choice in different industries due to its mobility. You will see these in construction locations where permanent structures are not the norm. If you’re a construction firm, these are great offices to use for onsite administration.

Inside View 10 x 36 Trailer

Many schools also use an office trailer to expand their classrooms. These office trailers can act as a makeshift classroom or labs during renovations. It can also work as a room when there is overcrowding and there’s no space to put more rooms.

The medical industry uses office trailers for sale as mobile labs and remote spaces. Many businesses use these for testing, especially for more volatile and flammable substances. These are also among the best choices for offsite storage for archiving hospital documents.

Law enforcement also tends to use these trailers as mobile headquarters. These act as quick setup mobile stations, especially in areas where investigations or basic patrols are a need. Law enforcement and use these office trailers for sale for storage and even training their people.

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3. Benefits of Using An Office Trailer

Lowest Price on Office TrailersWith all the uses of office trailers, is there a real advantage in using these types of mobile offices? The answer to that is a resounding yes. From saving money, to solving space issues, mobile office trailers give you significant advantages. Examples:

  • Portability and Accessibility
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Professionalism
  • Comfort and function
  • Cost of Setup and Operation

Let’s tackle each of these individually:

Portability and Accessibility

If you need office trailers, you can get one as soon as possible. You won’t need to wait weeks to construct the entire office, but rather same day installation and setup. This means, during this short time, you can get a complete structure ready for use.

Whatever use you have for space, office trailers for sale can fulfill the need.

Expand your storage for your raw materials. Use it as space for your people to rest or even as a temporary living area. Start your new management in a few days.

Once you finish, move your office trailers to the next site. Rinse. Repeat.

Mobile Offices For SaleSpeed and Efficiency

Companies tend to use mobile trailer offices as secure mobile units that provide stable work environments. These trailers will have mobile hitches that allow you to move the office as you need it. Pick it up and relocate as you have to.

Office trailers for sale are efficient to use. Everything you can use is in one structure that you can take advantage of as need be.


Mobile office trailers have preference because of their perceived professionalism. Even if you’re doing business in a mobile office, you don’t want to do your work in a tent. You want a space that people can go and do their work without the possibility of weather and work interrupting it.

Spacious, semi-permanent environments like office trailers for sale can give you the right atmosphere. They can give you the right privacy to conduct your business and set up everything you need for an office. Everything inside is enough to give you the right structure to get your business humming.

Comfort and Function

Mobile office trailers are a great modular option that can provide you ample comfort and function. These are not simple cargo trailers repurposed for office work. These are full structures with insulation, windows, and heating for a proper office setup.

An office trailer these days will have everything you would need. This includes proper electric hook-ups, HVAC systems, solid flooring, and connections ready to use.

Cost of Setup and Operation

An office trailer can be an inexpensive option for your office needs. As everything is ready and set up, you can use these units outright. Every modular unit is mobile and updatable, which gives you longevity for your money.

Buy or Rent Office Trailers Today

When it comes to office trailers, the value of 10 x 36 office trailers varies either if you want to buy or sell. It’s best to buy office trailers for sale if you have long-term or a stream of projects. Rent mobile trailers if you only need it for short term use.

If you’re looking for different types of office use trailers, you need a team that knows what’s best for you.

Set your job site trailer today. Talk to us at Office Trailer Sales and let us help you solve your problem now.

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