Choosing the Right Jobsite Trailer for Your Office

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What is one of the biggest problems with an active construction site? The answer is communication! Making sure everyone knows what they should do makes a big difference in reaching your deadline.

Choosing the right jobsite trailer can be an important part of making your construction site work well. Read on to find out all the tips that can help you find the right jobsite trailer for your needs.


Jobsite Trailer Purpose

Your trailer’s purpose has a lot to do with the type of trailer you choose for your job site. Will it be a mobile office for paperwork or will it be a construction trailer for meetings and storage?

These questions need answering before you can start looking at different types of trailers for your jobsite.

Main Function

The specific function of your office helps you pick the size and type of space you will need. A jobsite office trailer will require space for desks, storage, and office equipment.

A construction trailer will need a large room for planning meetings and large tables for looking at blueprints. A large room is also needed if the trailer is a place for people to take breaks during the day.

You can also add space in jobsite trailers as part of your plan to secure tools and trailers on your construction site.

How Many People?

The amount of people who will be using the trailer at one time has the most bearing on the size. You also want to have the purpose clearly communicated to everyone so needless people don’t overwhelm a small trailer.

Space Per Person

A good estimate is often 100 to 175 square feet for each person who uses the trailer at the same time. What they use it for and the necessary equipment you want in the trailer will also make a difference in the size.

You will need to think through your entrances for the trailer. Do you want multiple entrances so people can come and go easily? This will help you think through the overall size and makeup of a trailer.


Communicate the Trailer’s Role

A trailer can fill up quickly on any job site. You want to make sure everyone knows the purpose of the trailer and who has access to it. If you limit the total amount of people who can enter, you can limit the size.

The key to getting the right sized trailer is knowing who will use the trailer and who won’t. A small office trailer will not function well as a lunch break room!

Having a trailer as a breakroom is fine if that is what it is designed for. Your purpose will help you set the size of the trailer you need and how many people can use it at one time.

Space for the Jobsite Trailer

The ability of jobsite trailers to be mobile offices or portable offices means they can move to all kinds of spaces. They are often set up on construction sites or used in the parking lots of businesses needing more space.

Trailer Dimensions

When thinking through the size trailer, keep in mind the different sizes that are offered. Jobsite trailers come in single wide, double wide, or triple wide sizes depending on the space that you need.

Your location should have enough space to accommodate the trailer and any hookups you need for it. Things like stairs, electric posts, and plumbing connectors will need to be taken into consideration.

Set Up and Take Down

You also want to consider the setting up and taking down of the trailer. The truck that brings the trailer to your site will need plenty of space to unload or load up the trailer.

You may have enough space for the trailer itself, but if the truck cannot access it that is a problem. You don’t want a delivery company to bring a trailer out only to find out they cannot access the space you want to use.

You also want to check the city codes for any requirements for using trailers on job sites. Make sure your location will be in compliance with all the rules.

Amenities Available

Jobsite trailers come in different shapes and sizes based on your needs. The interior of the trailers can also come in different setups for your specific requirements.

Space Adaptation

One of the best benefits of a jobsite trailer is the capability to customize the interior based on your specific needs. You can have separate offices for privacy or have a partitioned workspace everyone shares.

Meeting rooms and break rooms are also available. You can have a kitchen area or a storage area for office supplies.

Outside Amenities

You want to think about the outside of your trailer and how it can fit your needs. Skirting helps to give your mobile trailer a professional look if you are using it to meet with customers.

Your steps and decking can add a custom feel and help control the flow of traffic. You also need to consider what OSHA and ADA safety requirements are needed on your site.

If you have potential dangers around your trailer, consider barricades and good signs to help direct the workers. You may need a power pole put up to have consistent power so consider that in your planning.

Inside Amenities

Climate control is a necessity in most trailers so consider that when renting. This is especially true if you will have large meetings in your facility. A large group of people can overwhelm a small air conditioner.

If you have multiple computers and phones, you can have the trailer wired for your tech needs. Electrical wiring and the number of outlets is also something to think about.

You want to have enough power so all of your office equipment works properly and breakers won’t go off.

You can have small kitchenettes and full-sized kitchen facilities based on your needs. Restrooms and breakrooms with multi-media are easily set up in the larger trailers.


Renting vs Owning

Jobsite trailer rental or ownership is a common dilemma for companies. The key is for them to look at their long-term needs and budget requirements.

Rental Benefits

Renting a trailer works better for seasonal and temporary work situations. If you work on multiple sites and they keep changing, renting often works better. This is true if your staff changes in size on job sites.

You may need a bigger trailer at the beginning of a job and a smaller one as the job moves on. Working out a deal with a trailer rental company could save you money and give you the perfect trailer for your needs.

Rentals can also save you money in care and upkeep. If your job sites are tough on trailers, repairs can quickly add up. You want to consider the regular upkeep of trailers when thinking about overall costs.

Ownership Benefits

Jobsite trailer ownership works better for jobs that are longer in nature. You may need semi-permanent office space at your headquarters or your jobs may last for years.

In these types of situations, ownership has advantages. You can get exactly what you want upfront and not have long-term rental charges. Your team can set it up the way they like it and it becomes part of their regular environment.

Trailers you own help you stay prepared for potential jobs. You won’t have to worry about finding a trailer to rent for any job. You can move the trailer you own and have it ready to go when you need it.

Moving Expenses

Whether you own or rent a jobsite trailer, you will want to keep in mind the moving and setup costs. Moving the trailer and getting it set up with power and water can add a significant cost to your job.

Make sure you understand all the costs upfront so you don’t get surprised with a bill later in the process.

Your Trailer for Your Needs

Choosing the right jobsite trailer starts with you deciding what you need. Jobsite trailers can be customized and set up to meet all of your specific needs. You don’t have to just accept whatever, you can get the right one for you.

Our passion is helping people find the perfect mobile solution for their jobsite needs. We help our customers find the best prices whether they are looking to buy or rent the perfect jobsite trailer.

Get a quote and see how the right jobsite trailer can fit your needs.


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